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Strong Black Coffee

26 March 2011

A cuppa strong black coffee

A nice cuppa strong black coffee to start off my day. What's in-store for me?

Malteaser chocolate rabbit - sweet things to keep us going!

Life's cruel without the sweet brown stuff - too cute too eat?...Nope!


It’s 6.30am as I’m typing up this blog post for you, YES! 6.30AM. It really shouldn’t be allowed waking up at this time in the morning on a Saturday but work commitments call. No rest for the wicked is what people say isn’t it? and especially this week, I must’ve been a really bad girl! :)

I tend to reach out for a strong milky coffee first thing in the morning – it’s started to become a great companion on mine. I didn’t used to like the black stuff and much preferred drinking tea – I remember thinking, coffee? isn’t that the stuff grown ups drink? (teachers? your mum and dad?) But then I realised, I AM a grown up too. Each morning, I’ll look down and into my ‘humble’ plain cup, I see nice images and reflections (nope, I’m not going loony!), I attempt to work out what’s going to be achieved today – baking a cake? completing a design project? trying out a diff’ illustrative style? – it’s like looking down into a dark well and trying to make out what in-store for me today.

Just because today’s cuppa coffee might’ve been made black and bitter (i.e. the most miserable today of your life) doesn’t mean tomorrow’s couldn’t be the tastiest (happiest) cuppa served!

A latte? mocha? Americano? – ooooh yes please! – Strong, sweet and creamy. Just like me ;) Good morning – I must type off now, work duties call.

On a final note, look at these chocolate Malteaser rabbits (2nd image). I had one for lunch this week and they’re way tooooooooo cute to nom but the rabbit’s head had to be chomped off! :)

Missie Cindz

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