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Whooooopsie Cindz

21 March 2011


Homemade Missie Cindz chocolate Whoopsie Stars

Homemade Missie Cindz chocolate Whoopsie Stars...forget the pies!

Me with my colourful Best Friends!

Life's like a Cupcake - looks tasty and sweet on the outside but you never know what surprise is inside :)

Sheffield's Rutland Arms 'mighty' burger - such great value!

Sheffield's Rutland Arms 'mighty' burger - such great value!

Sheffield's Rutland Arms 'mighty' burger!

Sheffield's Rutland Arms 'mighty' burger. Nothing beats a good pub lunch!


The weekend was yet another food-filled one. Lunch in the local pub, catch up with friends, my best-friends becoming proud parents (congratulations Silver and Gen :) and ending with a homemade Sunday Roast…perfect!

Lately, I have had whoopie pies on the brain… Since getting a brilliant book on these sweet things and scoffing some red velvet ones for Valentine’s Day, I decided to bake my own this weekend. Now I know, whoopie pies were last year’s trend. But I love them… I love the idea of them… I love the countless possibilities of flavour and decorative combinations. I have always been the person to catch onto trends a year two after everyone else ;D so why should that be in different with my baking :) and instead of having these fella as a round disc, I wanted to add some Cindzyness to them and did them ‘Star’ shaped filled with light and fluffy vanilla flavoured marshmallow filling (NO buttercream – it’s too sweet and dense!). I’ll be posting the full recipe for these this week so keep a look out for the post (also look out for my first post for @thecakeshelf, coming soon, at The weekends are definitely made for baking in Missie’s purpled ‘hungry’ eyes :)

If you also got up to some bakifilled events this weekend, let me know what you baked, I’m always up for a nosy (and pictures please?). My sweet friend made me some homemade cupcakes too – look at them, they looked too good to NOM but you know me, I don’t like to see ‘FAB’ homemade foods going to waste so they made the perfect companion with a cuppa tea.

Hello Monday …Oh my you’re looking bright and sunny please stay this way. Thanks!! (Enjoy your new week everyone – will tweet and blog soon! :)

Missie Cindz