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Bring it on – National Chip Week

22 February 2011

National Chip Week 2011

National Chip Week returned for its 20th anniversary yesterday (21st – 27th of February 2011), which organisers hope will raise awareness, consumption and sales of chips and potatoes. Can you blame me for encouraging a bit of gratuitous chip gazing? (see above, hahhaha :)

Why not give yam chips or sweet potato chips a try too? They make a good change from potato chips ! Sweet potato chips, salty chips, curry and chips, cheesy chips!!!! mmmmm – Let’s all raid our local Chippy and celebrate the humble Mr Potato! Will you be having any chips this week? or any there any Sheffield Foodies doing Chippy Specials!? Let me know.

Tweet me a piccie of your plate of chips – I’m always up for a gawp of people’s foody snaps :)

• One out of every four British potatoes are made into chips, amounting to around 1.5m tonnes every year
• It would take an area the size of 56,000 Wembley Stadium football pitches to grow all the potatoes needed for the chips consumed in the UK every year

Missie Cindz