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Shake Up Your Wake Up Week

18 January 2011

The Missie Cindz Breakfast Week Challenge

It’s Breakfast time again, hip hip hooray!
It”™s time we all started the day the ‘Full Way Up’ :) I find it rather sad for those who don’t find the time to have their (humble) Breakfast but then end up snacking ‘on the go’ or grabbing something from their office’s vending machine (please can someone let me know what a Mars bar’s got, that seems to win over a cheese and ham toastie?). Just before Christmas I stumbled across the fellas @breakfastweek on Twitter. I was immediately drawn to their colourful ‘engaging’ brekkie ideas and recipes. Their twelfth annual Farmhouse Breakfast Week is almost here (23-29th January) and is being rejuvenated for 2011 with a new theme/brand called “Shake Up Your Wake Up”.

Who else is taking part in the Breakfast Week Challenge?
I sure am! This means I can Eat Happy as part of my New Year’s resolution to save money (and calories too – kick starting a healthy New Year ). It”™s perfect because January is all about people rethinking their hectic schedules and starting the year with the best intentions in mind!

Mmm Toast!!
I’d like to challenge my Followers (especially those who would fall under the category as a ‘breakfast skipper’) to rethink their morning routines, and make time for the most important (often forgotten about) meal of the day. I was told by @breakfastweek as many as one in four consumers regularly skip breakfast, so I’m pretty keen to raise awareness of the ‘colourful’ benefits that can be gained by making that little bit extra time for the humble brekkie.

Now, this week’s challenge for me was for breakfast dishes, and some lovely ones came in. The two that leapt out at me, though, were these:

“Catherine’s Choice spiced tomato relish on a bagel with bacon and sliced fresh tomatoes” by @CatherinesChce – sounds a perfect start to the day! and this one:
“Fried slices of chicken, onions, courgettes and chili, stir-fried together and mixed with eggs.” by @beamoogaloo – Mmm Yum! :)

Currently, I’m putting together my Breakfast Foodie Menu Plan for the week – and will share this with you soon. I’m figuring out what I will need and how much of it too.

This Challenge is going to be Eggtastic Challenge (sorry for the cheesy pun :) and if I’m willing to get outta bed to ‘Shake Up My Wake Up’, I hope many others of you will do too. Please keep spreading the word and hounding your friends for Breakfast recipes for me (@ me to let me know what you’re doing too, I want a nosy!!). Remember, your breakfast doesn’t have to be anything ‘fancy’, a piece of buttered toast with marmalade and a cuppa tea is thumbs up! :)

Missie Cindz

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