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Be a Graze-ful Eater

12 January 2011

A couple of months ago, I mentioned how I’d stumbled across ( I decided to go back to them to order a “nibble” box, which at the small size, contains four items and costs £3.49 – your first box is generally free though – Tip: search for the voucher code online (or email to ask me and I’ll provide a code for you :)

These Graze boxes can be delivered to work, or whereever you like, and can either be snacked on throughout the week or eaten as lunch (I have mine in my drawer for when I have those ‘Snack Pangs!’) and can deliver your boxes as often as required from Monday to Saturday. I was able to go through what the possible contents would be (you can’t specify exactly what you get – which means it becomes a (nice) surprise and exclude the foods I didn’t like the sound of (I’m not a fan of certain seeds.)

My Graze box arrived today, sent via Royal Mail (arriving a day late – had selected to have this delivered yesterday). I tweeted but no-one ever got back to me. However, upon opening the box, I was presented with a great visual display of the four selected foods (punnets of nibbles) – 7 fruit flapjack, honey nut almonds, olives and honey nut hazels.

Missie Cindz Grazing box

Missie Cindz Grazing Box

There’s a personalised pamphlet with a run down of the contents, the box type (nibbles) and a note concerning recycling of the packaging (always good). Taking out the clear boxes of food reveals a nice touch of printed grass underneath – the culinary equivalent of astroturf. The grass actually backs a page of nutritional printed info, customised to the contents of your box. The olives tasted great and you also get a bamboo fork to eat it with too! (A little hanky is provided too for you to wipe your crumbs away :)

Missie Cindz Grazing boxGolden honey nut almonds from

Their website is well designed and informative, answering any doubts that I had about their grazing products. I’ve got three more deliveries scheduled and all in all, I’m looking forward to them. Has anyone else tried these guys before and what was your experience?

Missie Cindz

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