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I AM A FAN of the British Christmas

14 December 2010

Missie Cindz festive delights

Buttery, spicy scents, jars of mincemeat (oh, by the way, why is this called mince meat? can anyone please explain?) and with a flurry of activity in the kitchen can mean only one thing – Christmas. I’ve become quite fond of home-made food gifts for a while now – and to give away at Christmas or take to parties sounds a ‘real’ tasty treat, so lately I’ve been looking for home-made food gifts – a big thanks to my twitter followers, you’ve messaged me a range of possible foodie ideas ranging from home-made mince pies, doughnuts, choc’ truffles, xmas chutney to fruit spirits – thanks for the suggestions (@dalem, @TheFoodNut, @wiz52). I’ll be making scrumptious, thrifty Christmas gifts for friends and family with my own gift labels – and the thought of this, I’m squealing and rolling up my sleeves already!

Missie. Christmas gift tags
I’ve created some unique MissieCindz_xmas_tags so you can personalise your presents and homemade food gifts. Just print off these tags on your home printer, use good quality card or thick paper for ultimate effect (it makes them feel better quality). Source a hole puncher and punch top centre of the tag then tie the tags with pretty ribbons (the more colourful the ribbon, the better). Simple and beautifully effective.

Let me know what you guys end up making or doing over the festive holidays – I’m always here with open eyes and ears :)

Missie Cindz