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Genesis Crafty Treats

29 November 2010

Genesis Crafty Breads

Just who isn’t fond of the bakery section in Supermarkets?

I went to the Good Food Show at the NEC yesterday and to my delight I was swamped with a number of edible treats, samples of delicious liquors and mouldy type cheeses (I really did end up feeling like the size of a house by the end of the event) – but to my delight, one brand caught my eyes the most, this was ‘Genesis Crafty‘ – not only were their stall eye catching by their hand-drawn like illustrations (doodles) on their walls, running through into packaging and print materials but their customer service was top notch too! Thank you Mel :)

Their marketing campaign oozes with charm and personality. It’s the naïve visual appeal that makes it so special in the first place – showing that the Six Brothers Six Bakers are each personal, engaging and unique (watch their ‘Making of’ Movie – it kinda made me smile and I love the Baker who flips the pancake! hahaha – I had to watch this again!). Their design principles put in place work across the entire range to provide the required consistency but also allows for individual interpretation as they add more products to the range. Strong packaging taste (simple use of colours; good looking, personal & chunky choice of fonts blended with child-like illustrations – just won me over!), with great pricing strategies and you can really tell they’ve thought about their marketing communications – which I’m sure is still being further developed too.

Their extensive range of scones, rolls, sodas, potato bread, wheaten, and pancakes, based on traditional recipes and organic, natural ingredients were utterly scrummy – a plateful of buttered cherry scones offered to me, they were so smooth and rich in flavour – a proper melt in the mouth moment. Try their Double Butter & Sultana Scones (4) available from Tesco/Waitrose/Sainsbury’s, you won’t be disappointed. Let me know what you think too.

Missie Cindz

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