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What’s your favourite season?

11 November 2010

I tend to pick places I visit, or one day to live and even dream to venture to based on the climate and their seasons. Why does so many people attempt to start a conversation beginning with what the weather’s like!? (a very British thing to do)…The rain makes me groggy; snow reminisced the good childhood days, visit to NYC and the Snowman film; sunny long days makes me think the long 6 weeks off school, Clifton Park and sweltering summers; I even love it when it gets dark early and I can go home and put my PJs on at seven o’clock and not feel guilty getting snuggled up on the sofa. Whatever the weather – it tells out a story.

What time of the year gets you invigorated and makes you wonder, “How can everyone not like this season?”

Do you find that you’re more creative, productive, loving & inspired during a particular time of the year?

Share your thoughts and help shape my dialogue in a meaningful way.

Missie Cindz

posted under: Daily Musings