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When Alice Sleeps

15 May 2020

When Alice Sleeps Premium ChildrenswearWhen Alice Sleeps Premium ChildrenswearWhen Alice Sleeps Premium ChildrenswearWhen Alice Sleeps Premium ChildrenswearWhen Alice Sleeps Premium Childrenswear

If you have babies or like babies, you’ll be VERY excited because I have cooked up and sharing with you my latest illustrative project – WHEN ALICE SLEEPS. The online stories and childrenswear brand following Alice & Friends in her dreamworld. We create beautiful stories, expanding your child’s imagination, and premium clothing for little kids with big personalities.

When Alice Sleeps illustration

The illustrations and artwork were started two years ago whilst I was on maternity leave with my first-born, Big Al/Alice. Alice slept so much when she was a newborn, and I often wondered what she was dreaming about (during doting on her at like, 4am in the morning!), and I decided to illustrate all these fantastical scenarios and images. When Alice Sleeps is a series of online stories – scenes and artwork of when Alice sleeps; her dreams of a magical world where you can swim in the sky and fly underground; surf a rainbow and eat the clouds (the MORE naive and fantastical, the better!).

We tell the stories of her imagination as she adventures with her friends: Frankie, Sunny, Joy and Lucky and invite you to become a part of her awesomely funny world. The premium clothing with pieces for girls, boys, and neutral options, ranging from baby grows, super cute baby T-shirts, and toddler sweaters! The new collection introduces and brings to life Alice and her amazing friends, with sizes going from 0 months to 10 years old. We do run on the bigger side, for example, the 18-24 months baby t-shirt still fits my 2.5 year old with room to grow. Find them ALL right here!


This collection is available online only with turnaround and delivery currently 10-15 days due to the current pandemic.

Over on the When Alice Sleeps website, I’ve shared FREE collectable activity sheets for your little ones on our website ACTIVITIES section. Download and complete the set!

When Alice Sleeps Activity Sheets

Entertain the kids with our downloadable colouring sheets and games, freely available to download on the When Alice Sleeps website and the free-to-join Big Dreamers Club newsletter.

When Alice Sleeps Instagram

Our INSTAGRAM sees Alice travel, discover, and learn about the world she dreams herself in. Brimming full of character and adventure, Alice embarks on curious adventures, with amazing friends, in this whimsical world of extraordinary dreams. Hop on over to see Alice’s world illustrated with amazing colour and detail, each image seamlessly connecting with the illustration beside it to create an ongoing tapestry of story and imagination.

It’s a beautiful dream and you’re invited to join!

Follow Alice and her friends over on INSTAGRAM: @whenalicesleeps or

Missie Cindz