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London, Be my Valentine

04 February 2017

Can a city be my Valentine?…
Of course…. London, I’m so smitten with you at the moment. Whether we’re single, engaged, natives or just visiting, there’s no city I’d rather be on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been in London for almost four years now, coming from Sheffield to the ‘Big Smoke’ was a huge transition for me, a sweet one which not only has made me a stronger person, professionally, but has also taught me to appreciate the small things a lot more. Falling in love with the city was so much more complex than falling in love with a person. Everything about the city overwhelmed me at first; I was taken out of my comfort zone and moved down here for love and for work which affected our initial connection. But as I explored London, memorised the streets and beautiful shop fronts; found out the hot spots, the favourite places to eat, for cake and socialise; and discovered hidden (faster routes) to get to places (thinking that no-one else might know about it – but they probably do). I became more and more in love with the place – I saw myself becoming a tour guide when friends and family came to visit to meet my new city, and was proud to show it off.

London is such a sassy babe and here’s just a handful of reasons why:

You’re absolutely delicious – there’s always something good to eat!

missie-cindz-london-valentine-bird missie-cindz-london-valentine-food missie-cindz-london-valentine-tourist missie-cindz-london-valentine-breakfast
Filled with sweet treats daily…

missie-cindz-london-valentine-nordic-bakery missie-cindz-london-valentine-crumbs-and-doilies

Championing diversity (and I’m proud to be included in the pack)

missie-cindz-london-valentine-diversityFeast of St. George celebrations in the middle of Trafalgar Square

The Tube! I might whinge at you endlessly during the week but you are kinda marvellous and most of the time, reliable!

And have I mentioned how good looking you are?

You’re a cheap date that’s down with delicious street food trucks, food and farmer’s markets

Maltby Street Market


You love long walks (in scenic parks, around the city, shopping centres, etc…)

And I certainly don’t mind bringing you home to meet my fabulous mum…Erm, bringing my mum home to meet you! :)


London, you’re a city for lovers, friendship, designers and creatives!

missie-cindz-london-valentine-street-art  missie-cindz-london-valentine-inspiration


Missie Cindz

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