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Veggie Colour Loving

28 May 2016

Show your love and enthusiasm to funky veggies. There were so many adventurous and super colourful vegetables found from Country Fresh Foods at the Sheffield Food Festival! And if you’re in Sheffield, do pop over and pick up lots of food inspiration from the festival this bank holiday weekend.

A big thank you to @RobsAllotment for recommending a load of (new) fantastic veggies to me, Rob bought a new meaning to ‘the potato’ and if you ever thought that fresh vegetables were dull, then take that back! Look out for the mixed baby aubergines, they are so cute and a palette of colours you’d never thought aubergines to be. How many of the veg pics below can you name without actually going to the bottom of the page to read the answers!?

Have a great food-filled weekend everyone! – I intend to :)


Veg Answers:
1) Fresh Purple Spring Onions
2) Wild Asparagus
3) Cherry Tomatoes on vine
4) Shetland Black Potatoes

5) Whole Globe Artichokes

Missie Cindz

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