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Oisoi Oriental Food Market {Sheffield}

10 October 2015

missie-cindz-oisoi-sheffield-2 missie-cindz-oisoi-sheffield-3 Last weekend I popped up to Sheffield to visit family and managed to pay a visit to the city’s newest addition to Chinese food establishments, Oisoi, located in St Paul’s Place restaurant quarter in the city centre. Oisoi is a modern oriental food market split into two floors – with a neat-looking food market on the ground floor and in-store dining to the first floor. The market was sectioned up into various ‘food zones’ including a fresh noodle counter; Shibanuma Soy Sauce area; ‘Grab & Go’ fresh produce and refreshments; and counters for fresh fruit, veg, fish and meat. All of the first floor is dedicated to their in-store dining where ingredients from the food market are used and customers can get the chance to watch their food being cooked through a glass fronted kitchen. You can tell Oisoi pays a lot attention to the presentation of everything they do – right down to the product swing tickets!

Oisoi introduces a new lifestyle through their own branded ingredients and artisan food by encouraging their customers to try something new; and to develop a palate for oriental food that’s perhaps more ‘out of our comfort zone’. There were a range of Oisoi branded cooking sauces that are made in store – encouraging us to create our own taste of Oisoi at home. Whilst walking around the store, I noticed how they shared their oriental food experiences via graphical communications in and around the store, and were generous in offering food samples to help us gain a better understanding of Asian food culture.

I managed to grab some lunch up in their restaurant area – and ate and ate….
I went for their crispy Japanese Katsu salmon served on crunchy asparagus with Thai rice and a side of pak choi as my veggies. Everything was very tastefully presented. There’s really nothing better than freshly made ‘home cooked’ styled food and I ate everything!missie-cindz-oisoi-sheffield-1missie-cindz-oisoi-sheffield-4Oisoi certainly doesn’t look like your typical Chinese supermarket which is really refreshing to see – a fusion of Whole Foods, the food slickness of Yauatcha (London) and the food was really good! Like most people, I have only tried the mass produced soy sauce and managed to pick up some of their Shibanuma’s aged versions to take home. Soy sauce plays such an important condiment in Chinese cooking so I thought it would be great to try in recipes at home.

On a final note, it’s always great to keep the link with Sheffield and its talented food producers. Oisoi are a great addition to the Sheffield City Centre and I’m looking forward to popping back up and indulging on more stuff from the bakery soon!

{All photos by Cindy Cheung}

Oisoi | St Paul’s Place, 121 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JF – opposite Smoke BBQ Restaurant.


Missie Cindz

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