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Surprise… We Got Married! (Part 1)

05 August 2015

missie-cindz-we-got-married-1So, on March 8th 2015, I won the jackpot and married my best friend in (Viva) Las Vegas! and yes, we did tell our parents! :)

Baz and I met studying in the same uni, amongst friends we shared some KFC with Pepsi Max (Baz’s fave) but we didn’t hang out much. A case of bad timing held us back from progressing into “couplehood” until a good few years into our friendship. We started a long distance relationship, where Baz spent a fortune on petrol, racking up 18,000 miles a year driving up and down the M1 and him getting familiar with the Yorkshire accent. 13 year of friendship, some dating, we finally got married in sunny Vegas in-front of close family members and mutual friends!

Stay tuned for more details and photos from the ‘Big Day’. This is only part one in a series of exciting (and I hope, wedding inspirational) posts!

Happy 6 months to my much better half (so far, so good) and looking forward to more moments of laughter, tears (of joy) and farmer’s market trips in our life together.

{Photo taken by our lovely friend, Meng He}

Missie Cindz

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