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Princi Bakery {London}

08 July 2015


Princi is a super slick looking, minimalistic Italian restaurant on Wardour ST with a glass counter of food that always looks amazing and teasing you to try them all! The pastries looked tempting but the assortment of tortes, cheesecake, cookies was dazzling. You can choose to have table service or counter service with a menu of pizza, rustic tapas, pasta or cakes, pastries and desserts.

One side of the room (counter service only) is a long and narrow counter where customers can sit and have a coffee or eat the food they have ordered. This food counter is divided into four sections: bread, pastries, pizza (sold by slice) and hot/cold food (lasagna/salads). The back wall counter offers alcoholic beverages (red wine in tumblers, not by the bottle), tea, speciality coffees and soft drinks. Where you choose from each section and then pay at the end of the counter – it does get super busy, so I would recommend that anyone in line, speaks up when they get to the front. You can sit at a long table (amongst other diners), or stand Milan-style around raised block tables or take away your food.

We decided to go for the table service and ordered a range of food to share: the Valerio Pizza (mushroom, ham, mozzarella and tomato), Paste e Zuppe (a traditional Italian pasta soup dish), Spaghetti Carbonara (don’t judge) and the Salame Calzone (wow!). Prices (for the table service side) are very reasonable for the quantity and quality of food served, and I was impressed. The service is quick and the customer service can be a hit or miss. But the food offer is absolutely great and if you’re looking for freshly made pizza baked in a wood burning oven, Princi is worth stopping by (even if it is just to eye up the desserts!).

Princi  | 135 Wardour St, London W1F 0UT

Missie Cindz

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