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Home Grown Vegetables

19 June 2015

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My mum is a great food inspiration to me. Having her own successful food business for over 20 years, being a fantastic cook and talented gardener. There’s not much fooding around she doesn’t do! (I think you know where my interest in food grows from now?). She has grown Chinese vegetables in Sheffield for many years and enjoys being in the garden daily, and of course, eating whatever she grows! It’s certainly an obvious quality inherited from mum’s cultural roots from back in the days when she used to be a young farmer (in China) and where growing your own produce was a necessity.

Whenever I go back to Sheffield, I watch mum happily ploughing away in her dinky garden ~ getting excited and enthusiastically shows me what’s going to be on the dinner table. She’s so proud and appreciative of the fantastic produce she grows – ranging from Chinese Pak Choy, edible Amaranth (Chinese spinach), long beans, Ong Choy to Summer Celtuce (a vegetable in between lettuce and dandelion with very long stalks and the lettuce-like leaves), and much more. Growing, eating, sharing, are certainly the ethos of Home Grown Vegetables. Watching mum grow her own has motivated me to giving GYO a go. Stuff fresh from the garden has SO much more flavour!

I have never grown my own vegetables before! (I know). I think it’s a lack of knowing ‘HOW TO’ which makes me afraid to GYO and also assuming that it’ll take up lots of my time. But I’ve set myself a challenge and going to give it a try! I don’t really have a garden at home in London, it’s all decked out but it will be exciting to see what comes (grows) out of this ~ I’ll keep u posted. I might be a little late to the GYO community but nothing better than the present in giving it a go!

What’s growing in your garden? – let’s share more pictures of home grown produce.

{Vegetable photos taken by Missie’s mum, Lin Cheung, showing us her fantastic home grown Sheffield produce!}

Missie Cindz

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