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The OK of OK

30 May 2015

It's OK – just go for it!

It’s Ok to say “It’s Ok”

One of the biggest things I’ve been learning this past year is the need to slow down and make time for more of the important things in life… friends, family, laughing, travel, etc. I can often find so much on my plate – the new site (this blog) has been in the works for a long time and we’re trying to wrap up every little detail in order to (hopefully) go live next month (crosses fingers and knocks on wood); the fear of not doing, creating or learning enough. But it can be so easy to get swept away in the hectic schedule (of the everyday) and forget to take bits of time away from it all. Life is short, I’m learning how to delegate better (this week saw me doing it in the Chocolate studio), and I’m looking forward to continuing to work on balance throughout 2015.

It’s OK to slow down and sleep more! (back to bed, then)

{Photo by Cindy Cheung during an indulgent Afternoon Tea at Sketch, London}

Missie Cindz

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