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Selfie Smiles All Round

14 July 2014

Strike a pose! Trying something new with a Tamper's Cold BrewSometimes all we need are people who can make us smile! And catching up & smiley selfies taken over the weekend with @PinkLittleBean, Rutland Arm’s Chef Mike and Silversmith’s Chef Lee – weekends were certainly made for days like these!

Being one of those ‘a cup-a-day coffee’ drinkers, and loving the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and the other day my friend, Clare introduced me to Tamper’s Cold Brew, served black over ice (the guys at Tamper have been brewing, testing, crafting and brewing again!). Some people will find the beverage perfect for a hot and humid day, but I think a dash of sweet condensed milk would compliment a cold brew tastefully! (it has a whopping great flavour. Oh, and it’s pretty potent too! :)

However busy life gets, always make time for a brew!

{Photos by @PinkLittleBean via twitter. Thanks for the selfies, Clare ~ great long arms, indeed!}

Missie Cindz

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