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20 June 2014

missie-cindz-shu-siadegreeshow-1missie-cindz-shu-siadegreeshowmissie-cindz-shu-siadegreeshow-3See what the class of 2014 have to offer as art schools and Universities in your local area the offer a glimpse at the talent of the future, showing off the creations and hard work of their latest graduates.

With final-year art show season is amongst us, so when I was back in Sheffield last weekend, I grabbed the opportunity to pop over to Sheffield Hallam University’s SIA Degree Show. The Summer Shows offered a glimpse at the talent of the future. Here, students from courses including Animation, Graphic Communication, Games Design, Illustration and Product Design present their final projects. An outstanding level of work was on display, and anyone interested in Product or Graphic Design should go look in the Sheaf Building – there’s LOADS of it found in there! After all these are designers of tomorrow – if you can find the time, please do go and show your support. Very well done ‘Class of 2014’ creative grads.

missie-cindz-sheffield-design-weekSheffield Design Week 2014
Sheffield Design Week kicks off on Monday 23rd June, a week aiming to promote a honest and broad debate about design; including workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and talks spanning architecture, design and visual arts. With the main Design Conference taking place on Friday 27th at the Showroom Cinema, exploring the theme of – ‘Can Design Save the World?‘ – a purposefully provocative question and I’m looking forward to hearing people’s answers.

Can Design Save the World?
We all want to live in a better world, but sometimes it feels that we lack the ability to make a difference. I believe, fantastic things could happen if a Graphic Designer, Product Designer and a Maker join forces, and Design is certainly capable of changing our world…. and for the better! For example, improving a way of living, a way to see things or the way something functions. This (heated) discussion topic, reminds me of Ken Garland’s 1964’s First Things First Manifesto. A manifesto that rebuked the prominent call of advertising, and instead urged those with creative talent to pursue more socially ‘meaningful’ causes. It’s an important time for those of us who work in design, on the web and in technology; my ardent hope is that the week and Conference will become a meaningful part of where we go from here.…. let’s see….

{Photos by Cindy Cheung and Evolution Print}

Missie Cindz

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