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British Sandwich Week 2014

15 May 2014

missie-cindz-sandwich-week-1 missie-cindz-kahve-dunyas?-sandwichIt’s British Sandwich Week here in the UK this week.

Someone recently asked me what’s my favourite sandwich, ever!? and I find that to be a really hard question to answer. Do I pick savoury?  – a great classic roast turkey sandwich with all the trimmings and gravy! Do I pick sweet? I’d say a slice of Victorian Sponge Sandwich – or do I pick type of sandwich/breads? – currently the popular Taiwanese street food, Hirata buns with assorted fillings are one of my favourites and a great twist on the ‘typical’ sarnie.

What would you say? ~ What’s your one favorite sandwich and filling of ALL TIME?

(It’s hard to pick just one, isn’t it?)

Here’s some sandwich inspiration…..


Bagel Sandwiches
The bagel is a wonderful food, and can be eaten at any time of day. I LOVE bagels, and experimenting with different recipes. Make a toasted bagel with butter for breakfast, honey-glazed smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel for lunch, and make mini pizza bagels for dinner. The options are endless. For lunch, I like to take a stroll down to Berwick Street looking for lunch ideas. The Breadman Stall at Berwick Street Markets offer bagels hot out of the oven from Brick Lane, enjoy them plain, with hot salted beef and mustard, chorizo and other delicious fillings – you’ll be spoiled for choice. Berwick Street Markets, Soho – a must visit for a cheap lunch stop.


Class French Croque Monsieur
Mmm, the Croque-Monsieur, the French version of a toasted ham and Swiss sandwich. Loaded with butter and cheese, and absolutely the most delicious sandwich in the world – with Gruyère cheese and ham just belonging together, FOREVER! And did you know, the feminine version, a “Croque Madam”, includes a fried egg on top? This classic French bistro sandwich is a great way to transforms a plain toasted cheese sandwich into something special – super naughty but so very good! (Photo above, Croque-Monsieur from Boston Tea Party).

missie-cindz-shoryu-hirata-bunShoryu’s Hirata Buns
Essentially a Hirata Bun is a pillowy-soft fluffy Chinese style warm chewy steamed bun made with rice flour, that’s filled with something delicious. They’re a bit like a folded over foamy burger with just the one bap. Shoryu’s one of my favourites to sink my teeth into soft, pillowy buns filled, and with a huge choice on offer – from Barbequed Belly Pork, or Soy Chicken Karaage, Ginger Salmon Tatsutage, Halloumi with Shimeji Mushrooms or Tiger Prawn Tempura. Yum!

missie-cindz-damson-and-co-muffinThe English Muffin Sandwich
One of my favourite comforting breads. This (photo above) was Damson & Co’s signature breakfast dish, a ‘Damson Muffin’ – a well-stacked tower of an eggy spicy baked omelette with baked beans, chives, cheese with a tasty BBQ sauce, all neatly held within a toasted muffin!

missie-cindz-vital-ingredient-rollsVital Ingredient Artisan Rolls
Some (lunch) days, a crisp, golden crust and light great taste of authentic artisan rolls will only just do. Vital Ingredient’s rolls are packed with fresh ingredients, perfect for a summer lunch. You can choose from mature cheddar & chutney, BLT or ham & emmental and more – all served on a hearty wholegrain artisan rolls – perfect for everyday meals!

missie-cindz-Kua-Aina-sandwichKua Aina Sandwich and Burgers
This place is known for their burgers, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change – try their Mahi Mahi sandwich or Veggie Sandwich. Usually large, fresh, and super tasty. Go for the sweet potato fries too – thin and moreish. You won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it, some sandwich inspiration (and I would eat sandwiches every day!). Now, I just need to start making some myself at home! So, what filling combos would make for a tasty sandwich? — Cindz :)

{all photos by Cindy Cheung}

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