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28 Days Crave Veggies (Day 18)

10 April 2014

28 Days Crave Veggies (day 18)28 Days Crave Veggies (day 18)Me, myself and pudding (day 18)28 Days Crave Veggies (day 18)Time for a Food Change
For the past few weeks I have been on a vegetarian diet (no meat and fish) to help myself become a healthier and ‘feel better’ me – I called this my 28 Days Crave Veggies Challenge. Before the challenge, I had been feeling sluggish and thought this was just the boost my body needed, plus I was concerned that too many of my meals, whether it was eating out or at home, revolved around meat – and I wanted to find out was meat really necessary? This challenge has been a fantastic food experience of discovering new satisfying (new) meals packed with vegetables, whole grains and more. I’ve kicked the ‘habit’ of eating meat and giving the veggies a chance to take centre stage for a whole month!

Bran flakes with fruit and soya milk

After reading about Benito’s Hat on London’s Time Out website, I decided to try it out as Burrito’s are one of my favourite things. Benito’s Hat definitely didn’t disappoint. I had their Veggie tacos – great portions, the mediterranean vegetables and salad was fresh and crunchy, the guacamole was very tasty too (and it’s free if you go for the veg option)! The waitress was friendly and took all the needed time to explain the menu. Nice atmosphere and very good value for a central London restaurant.

Simple and tasty vegetarian pizza always brings out a smile! This evening I had the Prezzo’s eggs Florentina pizza – spinach, free-range egg, grana padano cheese, marinated olives, mozzarella, tomato (see photo above). For dessert I had the Panettone bread and butter pudding: Slices of the traditional Italian cake soaked in custard and baked in the oven, topped with vanilla ice cream. After a long week in the office knocking out new campaigns, puddings understands!! :)

A change in diet doesn’t have to change your lifestyle. It’s not so much about the label ‘vegetarian’ as it is about challenging myself to be more conscious of what I eat and how it impacts me physically. I’ll keep you updated daily on this blog and twitter on what I’m eating and how I’m progressing by adopting a meat-free diet. Bring on Day 19 – thanks for reading :) – Cindz

Missie Cindz

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