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Alice in Wonderland Pud Inn 2014

12 March 2014

alice-pud-inn-2014-1 alice-pud-inn-2014-2 Alice in Wonderland Pud Inn Club 2014Don’t be late for a very important pudding date!!
As well as juggling exciting design projects, I’ve also been super busy pudding plotting for this weekend’s important gathering. In my books, Pudding brings the world together in a sweet friendly clump of naughty happiness – made for eating ASAP! For diners who have tickets & spoons and are new to the event, I’ll be in the Rutland Arms on Saturday, upstairs (there will be ‘this way’ signage, just make sure that they’re the right way round!), with the event kicking off around 2pm and ending 4.30pm.

During the afternoon diners will be served a fantastic 5 course Alice in Wonderland-themed puddings menu handmade by some of Sheffield’s finest restaurants, chefs and bakers. What’s on the menu? – it’s a secret until the day of Pud Inn! You will also have a chance to see familiar faces, give and build a great Sheffield community – something that I believe we should do on a daily basis. Even if you don’t know the chef, food producers or bakers participating (do make sure you say hello to them and provide feedback on their pudding courses) or don’t know what to expect; it all adds to the Pud Inn experience – arrive extra curious and hungry!

An Unbirthday tea paaaarty is no fun without dressing up so diners are encouraged to arrive in FANCY DRESS! – we have prizes thanks to the Rutland Arms & Silversmiths for the BEST DRESSED man and woman, and BEST BAKER for our Mad Hatter’s ‘RIP Diet Desserts Table’! – the desserts table is where diners can bring in lovely baked desserts for everyone to try! This is optional and you don’t have to bring in something to share but it’s always nice to share :)

You can see some peeks of the event prep on my Instagram & facebook, and I’ll be posting about the Pud Inn tea party soon after. Enjoy the rest of your week! – Missie Cindz

The Rutland Arms, 68 Brown Street, Sheffield.

Missie Cindz

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