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Keep Moving Forward

06 March 2014

Cindy in the old Chocolate Ltd studioYippee! We are moving to a new and nicer office today! A final picture of the Chocolate Ltd studio at Maddox ST for the album. This is so exciting!!

I’m most looking forward to moving to a new office/studio, a change of environment and hopefully introducing new members to the Chocolate team in time; design should be a discussion and it’s important to have more voices and meaningful design discussions happening down the line. The idea of Chocolate hiring a graduate and perhaps, nurturing and training them is also an exciting prospect – it makes what I do and share much more interesting!

Remember, if you’re unhappy, don’t go back to what made you happy. Thrive for happiness in new places. Never go back. Just keep moving forward.

Tomorrow, I’ll walk into the new Chocolate office, smiling. It’s about time to develop our own identity. Let’s do it! – Missie Cindz

Missie Cindz

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