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Italiano Coffee Co – Goodge Street

27 February 2014

28 Days of Kindness – Day 26mc-28-days-kind-icco-goodge-streetmc-28-days-kind-icco-goodge-street-2Sharing slices of kindness / 28 Days of Kindness (Day 26)

Sharing snacks with colleagues and the design team, family or friends is one of my favourite past-times. When I make a snack for myself, it feels nice to offer to make extra for anyone else who would like some. It’s important to remind each other of the importance of sharing. On day 26, I met up with my friend Kit, who I hadn’t seen since May! It can be quite easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the London lifestyle therefore making sure I make time for (good) friend’s important.

Italiano Coffee Co (ICco) is a coffee shop and pizzaria offering authentic Italian style pizza’s, pastas and other delicacies in Goodge Street in London. We went for a cheap late night meal and icco pizza hit the spot! Very good value pizza, starting from £3.50 and super quick – the pizza is cooked from fresh and comes out steaming hot and not too greasy. The place itself is quite basic – certainly no pretentious malarkey or frills (keeping it real)! You order up front and they give you a plastic gadget that buzzes when your food is ready to collect. I highly recommend the Florentine pizza – who knew egg on pizza tasted so good! Thin crust and filling!

Always make sure you make time for yourself (and others) slices of huge happiness!

Italiano Coffee Co (ICco) / 46 Goodge Street London W1T 4LU

(Illustration and photos by Cindy Cheung)

Missie Cindz

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