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28 Days of Kindness (Day 19)

20 February 2014

28 Days of Kindness – Day 19missie-cindz-cambridgeShop at local businesses
We should ALL play a responsibility in helping visitors & locals get the most out of our city and inner destinations. The strength of our local community is up to us. Today (19th February) I decided to go and explore a new city – spending the day in Cambridge. I’d never been here before and wasn’t too sure what to expect.

Whilst I was here, I made a commitment that I would eat and shop at an independent bakery, restaurant or pub during my visit (whenever I could). Afterall, if we don’t support local independent businesses who will? At the end of the day, it’s my (our) choice. Wherever I go, I love checking out the local market ~ Markets are the heart of any city! A big thank you to the tweets who saw me visiting your city (Cambridge) and needed help in finding a place to eat and for that essential cake stop ~ you welcomed me (genuinely) to your city.

Why should I support a local independent business/coffee shop/cafe/shop?

  • Building community relationships – If I/we have taken time to develop a relationship with the staff of a local shop, I usually feel at home and comfortable.  As the local shop keeper gets to know my order and knows what i like and don’t like, they can make personal recommendations. Even the little things like the shop owner calling me by name name adds a lovely personal touch – enhancing my shopping experience!
  • Education through doing – Want to know how to fix your bike? or how to bake real bread or even how to cook proper Chinese food from your local Chinese take away? Yes, you could find a YouTube video and google it up. But why do that when a trip to the ReCycle Bikes Shop (Sheffield) or Pak Hoo House Chinese Take Away (I couldn’t help naming my parents’ old Chinese Take Away :) will not only help teach you to fix your bike or make fantastic Chinese food but could also supply the tools necessary to do so or essential ingredients to make those tasty sweet & sour chicken balls you’ve always wanted to make!
  • Supporting the Economy when my parent’s had their own business, being a small business I saw that they always paid their taxes locally, which meant they were investing their money into the local community.

If we don’t support local independent businesses who will?….

28 Days of Kindness Challenge
For those who haven’t been following my #28DaysOfKindness message, the month of February sees me sharing a gift of kindness at least once a day and to never give to receive. Aiming to do what I can with what I have – of course being kind is something we should act on daily but this project is purely to spread a valuable message and hopes to give you ideas too.

So let’s spread a bit of kindness, shall we?

From photo above (top left to bottom right): Great day in Cambridge served with great ‘proper’ English pubs & food including pork chops and mac ‘n’ cheese at the Pint Shop, a cuppa tea and Fitzbillies sticky Chelsea bun, gourmet sweets and tea bags at Hardy’s Original Sweetshop on St Johns Street to take home, a visit to the Cambridge Market & ending the day with a taro bubble tea at Ooshi for the ride home!

Missie Cindz

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