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Missie Cindz Christmas Cards

10 December 2013

Missie Cindz Christmas Cards 2013Missie Cindz Christmas Cards 2013Missie Cindz Christmas Cards 2013

Above are a few of my new Christmas card designs I’ll be sending out to friends and family inspired by my Pud Inn Clubs, obsession for all things sweet and an emphasis on fun.

If you’re still debating whether or not you should send out a Christmas card to friends and family this year, know that sending cards really does matter to others. Many people are skipping the tradition of sending Christmas cards due to high postage or the simplicity of electronic cards, but there’s really nothing quite like the surprise and feeling of receiving a real card in the post (snail mail is not dead!).

One of my favourite part of receiving Christmas cards is reading the handwritten note in it. I love long notes! Sending cards boosts happiness. Many of us are inundated with emails each day, so it’s refreshing to receive a real card in the mail that let’s us know special people are thinking of us. I enjoy the feeling of receiving Christmas cards, the excitement of receiving post and opening a letter increases feelings of happiness – and this is especially important in older people who may not be as tech savvy as others. Cards are great at keeping loved ones in the loop with our daily goings-on. I like to take the time to write out highlights of my year and big updates in my life, keeping close friends and family in the loop with what’s happening with me.

Sending a Christmas card gives a more personal snapshot of your life than just reading Facebook or twitter updates. There’s something about a handwritten note which makes the day a little more meaningful.

So are you planning on sending out a Christmas card this year? – Missie Cindz x

Cards illustrated and designed by Cindy Cheung. All cards available here.

Missie Cindz

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