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Christmas Nightmare Pud Inn Menu 2013

30 November 2013

Missie Cindz Nightmare Before Christmas Pud Inn Special


#MissiesPudInn Clubs are seasonal events I cook up to share with people the things I enjoy; puddings, building a brighter community and Sheffield. I can reveal our delicious five scary puddings being served to Pudinn diners joining us at Rutlandween Town. A massive thank you to all our talented and generous Sheffield chefs, restaurants and bakers for this weekend’s super-scary eats and treats, perfect for a frightening Missie’s PudInn feast!

One thing’s for sure, your diet’s definitely going to rest peacefully with us…

  • Course One (served 2.20pm): The Deepest Darkest Chocolate Cheesecake made by The Rutland Arms Chef Mike (twitter: @MoonlitPanda)
  • Course Two (served 2.40pm): Scary Fairy Christmas Cakes made by Silversmith’s Chef Lee (twitter: @LeeSimonMangles / @Silversmiths)
  • Course Three (served 3pm): Christmas Spirit with Gingerdead Men made by Carol Greene (twitter: @carolannpg)
  • Course Four (served 3.45pm): Spookilicious Rowan Berry Trifle with Lilac Jelly and Black Custard made by Peter Moulam of PJ taste (twitter: @PJtaste)
  • Course FIVE (served 4.10pm): Pimped Up Warm Mince Pies served with Rodda’s Clotted Cream & Fresh CranberriesMade by Head Baker, Chris Baldwin of Cat Lane Bakery (twitter: @chrispin2 at @catlanebakery)

Be a sweet social buddy
I also encourage Pud Inn diners to do lots of LIVE tweeting using the hashtag #MissiesPudInn and to share photographs online. We’ll all be super busy dishing up school puddings so it’s always fun to check out your pictures afterwards and to receive feedback. Make all your friends super jealous so that they want you to take them to the next Sheffield Pud Inn Club!

Best Scare Competition
Life’s no fun without a good scare so diners are also encouraged to arrive in FANCY DRESS where we have a treatful prizes from the Rutland Arms for the BEST SCARY DRESSED man and woman! There will be a sheet up on the wall asking you to vote for your best dressed persons – it’s anonymous so go round the room and get to know other diners to find out their names/character’s story.

The ‘RIP DIET’ Desserts Table
Adding to the Christmas Pud Inn experience will also be aRIP DIET’ desserts table; where the diner can bring in homemade Christmas themed treats or shop bought favourites with a scary twist for everyone to try and share. We like to try new things and from what I’ve seen, diners are super adventurous too! Please note: bringing something to the RIP Diet Desserts Table is optional – you do not have to bring anything to the event, just yourself with a hungry tum will do, too. Feel free to bring tupperware as we don’t like to see delicious Sheffield goodness going to waste…

During the afternoon you have a chance to see familiar faces, give and build a great Sheffield community – something that I believe we should be doing on a daily basis. Even if you don’t know the chef or bakers involved in today’s event or don’t know what to expect; it all adds to the Pud Inn experience!

We look forward to seeing you at or just before 2pm. Get yourself a drink at the bar then make your way upstairs! I’ll be there to greet you, thank you in advance for not being late (and make sure you hi-five our guest makers :) – Missie Cindz

Missie Cindz

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