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Importance of Workplace Buddies

15 November 2013

Workplace Enjoyment
Workplace Enjoyment

Workplace buddies: key to workplace enjoyment
Whilst being off for a week in Seoul, my London studio design team-mates (at Chocolate Ltd) missed me sooooooooo much they found a warm Missie Cindz/Cindy look-a-like replacement whilst I was away ~ they all cracked me up!! In their own time, Steve and Keith made and took a series of photographs, and shared them via twitter (it felt nice to be missed).

Good relationships with workplace colleagues plays such a vital role to enjoying a job. For over 45 hours a week, we leave the world we call home and enter the ‘9-to-6 (8pm)’, whether you’re at a desk job, working outside or looking for your next challenge, for most of us, it’s the people we interact with that make the difference and who help to make the ‘9-to-5’ more enjoyable.

Aim to find workplace happiness in working with people you get on with. If you don’t, why not do something creatively ‘magical’ to make your colleague smile?

Thank you Steve and Keith for being memorable ‘9-5 buddies’ – it felt good to be missed, and like Arnie said, “I’m baaaaaaack!!”. Let’s get some creating done! – (the real) Missie Cindz

(Photos and props by Steve Dampier and Keith Donegan – all taken and executed without my permission but when I saw them I laughed out loud in the middle of Lotte Department store in Seoul! :)

Missie Cindz

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