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You Can (Cindy365Notes)

20 October 2013

The Cindy365notes Series – page 291One of my favourite pages written so far, page 291/365: Whatever can you prefer, yes, YOU CAN enjoy a delicious mix of ALL of them if you put your mind and craft to it!

Sometimes all we need is a can of inspiration to jump-start our day :) This note was taken inspiration from the Campbell’s brand featured in a series of 32 Andy Warhol canvases produced in 1962, but instead of reflecting a different flavour of soup that the company produced at the time I included personal traits and qualities we should all look to find in ourselves.

(Note written by Cindy Cheung taken from the #cindy365notes series, a self-initiated project to find happiness through little actions – writing good notes)

Missie Cindz

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