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Six Months Eating London

05 October 2013

Missie Cindz in London Town

Can’t believe it’s already been six months since relocating to London! How time flies when life’s pretty sweet!

It was always important to me to remain hungry, to learn new things and embrace change. Since arriving to London in April 2013 and gallivanting around the big city with my smiley fork and settling down in Central London on a new design adventure – I’ve discovered an array of new things. I’ve tasted things I wasn’t not sure about, have found out things I do and don’t like but most importantly, I’ve sampled a dish of uncertainty. After all isn’t life all about discovering yourself?

London is completely different to my home city, Sheffield. Everyone takes the tube, people walk three times as fast, the tube becomes a dirty sauna in the summer, the £££s don’t spread as far as they do up north, there’s no rural scenery and your skinny jeans RIP! But saying all this, London offers an abundance of culture and colour. I’ve made brilliant new foodie friends, I work with a team of people who understand the meaning of teamwork and everyday in London there’s something new to try and do.

Food discoveries in London (see photo above)
Here’s a little round up of the kind of things I’ve discovered in the past 6 months. Here goes…

  • If you’re in London, get some hirata buns in your life! Tasty crispy salmon with crunchy pickles and sweet & sour salad, all encased in a perfectly warm, soft, chewy Chinese-style bap (bao).
  • Go sight seeing and act as a complete tourist!
  • Discover Ben’s Cookies, you won’t regret it (and watch that waist line expand)
  • Go with your friends and try Yalla Yalla, tasty Beirut food with a twist
  • If you’re hanging around Brick lane/Shoreditch area make sure you visit Beigel Bakes. Open 24 hours, with brilliant moist salted beef carvery, or the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese priced cheap as a bag of chips, you can’t go wrong!
  • Love cakes? London is absolutely brimming with delightful cakeries and bakeries. I’m spoilt for choice daily. Pop over and visit Konditor and Cook (try their Curly Whirly cake), a Crodough from Rinkoff Bakery or even just a cinnamon bun and cuppa at Nordic Bakery would make you weak at the knees!
  • Love coffee? Look Mum No Hands located on Old Street is a personal fave
  • The Albion, Shoreditch. A cafe and small shop, with an in-house bakery and cake counter, where the vast majority of the food and drink products are British. Scones are delicious!
  • Street Kitchen – everyone in London loves the street food scene!
  • Camden Farmers Market. Enough said, go and check out all the London Markets!
  • Take a leaf out of my notebook. Page 95: Go somewhere new and embrace change

Sheffield > London > Sheffield (it’s worth travelling up for!)
It’s always a pleasure cooking up exciting events for people who appreciate what I do, and after last weekend’s Pud Inn Club I was really pleased to see how, even though I’m residing in London as a Graphic Designer there’s still LOTS of interest and support for Pud Inn. At first I was worried with me relocated I’d have to ditch the events but I’m still passionate about doing my bit for the Sheffield food scene and community and so are Sheffielders. So I’m looking forward to seeing diners at Christmas!

They do say, you can take the girl out of the (Sheffield) City but you can’t take the city out of the girl. To those who know and follow me on twitter, I’m still proudly speaking in my Northern ‘Yaarkshire’ twang to the Londoners, even if they might not understand me, I know for sure, I’ll do my best to make sure they love my enthusiasm for honest food! – Missie Cindz

Missie Cindz