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Little Book of Puddings (Pud Inns)

06 September 2013

Missie Cindz's Little Book of Puddings

Missie Cindz's Little Book of Puddings


For those who aren’t sure what my Pud Inn Club are about, download this ‘Little Book of Puddings‘ – hopefully this helps to explain WHY I’m so obsessed with the ‘good’ pud (or five!)!

Click here to download.

Sheffield is One Sweet City
Missie’s Pud Inn Club is a collaboration with some truly delicious and passionate Sheffield bakers, restaurants, chefs and small-scale producers. MY aim is that when you leave I want you to be having ‘sugar sweats’, that’s the sign of a good session.

The idea behind the whole experience is supporting local business – local makers, bakers and chefs; sharing my vision and love for great desserts; encouraging friendships and contact among people who might not come together if not for their love of, say, a portion of apple crumble and custard; and to build a strong community by reconnecting us with our roots by reintroducing eaters to traditional desserts like bread and butter pudding or the boozy trifle.

Even though I relocated earlier this year to London for work, I’m still very passionate about supporting Sheffield’s producers who have now become my friends and are in regular contact with some of them. My parents ran our family business, a Chinese takeaway Pak Hoo House, on Westgate, Rotherham, for 22 years. So I had first hand insight on how difficult it can be as an independent trader. I wanted to support them because, with my family’s background, and Sheffield has lots of local ‘hardworking’ producers/restaurants/pubs who could benefit from some free publicity – during times like these, every bit of support helps any small independent business. One of the great things about Sheffield is, when you support her, she supports you back!

For those who managed to purchase a Pud Inn ticket for my next event on Saturday 28th September (all tickets were sold out within hours – thank you again!), do sit back and enjoy the experience with us at the Rutland Arms. I have some fantastic talented chefs and makers to introduce to you, bringing fun and community in five sweet course.

Sugar sweats or not, Sheffield’s sweet-tooth will be pulled yet again! – Missie Cindz

{design and artwork by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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