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Take an Alternate Route

02 September 2013

Have you tried the alternate route?

A Change of Scenery Does the Body and Mind Good

Sometimes, taking the road less travelled can sometimes make all the difference. This week, aim to ditch the car, pump up the tires of your bike, car share with a friend, take an alternative route, try public transport, or, dare I say, walk! Opt for the alternative route taken and see if you can design better ways to get from A to B.

My commute these days becomes an exploration.

Detours are inevitable in life. I’ve definitely gone through one this year, one moment you’re moving along your normal path and bang! Some situation makes you change course. It is unnerving to travel down an unfamiliar road – experiencing anxiety about getting lost or being taken off  course and become aggravated at the sudden alternate route suddenly throwing you off your destination. But, sometimes there is no other choice, but to take a detour.

Detours can be scary and may appear to be an unnecessary distraction to our daily routine. However, they can also lead to wonderful discoveries, new paths, and enriching experiences if we don’t challenge the road. Life is full of twists and turns, and the next time life throws a big red detour sign in your face, don’t automatically assume the worst. Instead, think about what it can teach you. Go on, make it your aim this week to take the alternative route, and enjoy what you find! – Missie Cindz :)

{photos by Cindy Cheung as shared on Instagram}

Missie Cindz

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