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Rings of Sweet Happiness (London)

31 August 2013

Rinkoff bakery, London, the CroDoughs

A couple of my sweet must-have-to-eats included gourmet versions of my childhood treats – the sticky doughnut! Sometimes I just want something indulgent and gooey that reminds me of mum taking me to the bakery. Now, I’m proud to say that I’m no longer a Cronut virgin. If you haven’t heard (where have you been?), a ‘cronut’ is a cross between a croissant and a donut, hence the term ‘cro-nut’.

A UK version of the Cronut – called the Crodough, sold at the Rinkoff Bakery in London, which I was really pleased to have the pleasure to indulge on one (or three) with fellow food creative, Oliver Denton, and these Crodoughs are only available from their East London bakery at present, but I’ve been told you can arrange for delivery.

I’ve not yet visited the Rinkoff Bakery premises, the 100-year-old East London family firm and they’re on the top of my list to visit during my time in London. So what exactly is a Crodough I hear you ask? Rinkoff Bakery shares with us that the Crodough brings out the best in the croissant and the doughnut. Rinkoff’s croissant pastry is fried like a doughnut to give height and a layered effect. The Crodough is then filled with 3 flavours custard, raspberry or toffee apple crumble (my favourite) … huge rings of sweetness and love!

Taste wise, it’s like a donut on the outside with the texture of a dense croissant! To be honest, I had great difficulty finishing off a whole one, more reasons for when you do treat yourself to a Crodough call out your best friend too – afterall, good food tastes better shared (and everything really is better with sugar on top, inside and bottom! :) Missie Cindz

Rinkoff bakery, London, the CroDoughs

Thank you Oliver for the Friday treat….

Rinkoff Bakery | 224 Jubilee Street, London, E1 3BS. | Tel: 0207 791 4909 | T: @Rinkoffbakery

{photos by Cindy Cheung and Oliver Denton, CroDough heaven!}

Missie Cindz

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