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Yalla Yalla (London)

07 August 2013

Yalla Yalla, LondonYalla Yalla, LondonYalla Yalla, London

Food with Friends…
Eating out with friends is one of my favourite weekend treats, and I love tasting a little bit of everything. A few weekends ago, the lovely Clare (@pinklittlebean) popped down from home, Sheffield and we met up with Oliver (@oliverndenton) for a spot of lunch.

We headed off to Yalla Yalla, in Soho London, aiming for some Beirut street food right in the city. It is really cosy here! Tucked away on a little street in Soho, the place is small but comfortable and bright. Each table’s snuggled up close to each other, I felt like I could’ve reached over and grabbed food off the table next to us! ;) but I resisted…

We started out with the hummus and fresh flatbreads then a dish of grilled halloumi cheese. The halloumi here is incredible (according to Clare) and you seriously get a large portion for your money. I like to get a lot of little dishes to share but we soon realised our ordering got a little out of control but that was all part of the fun! There were lots of great (interesting) small dishes on the menu and a lot of them I didn’t know what it was but it felt exciting trying something new – the waitress was really helpful and would explain to us what the dishes were.

We were rather adventurous too. Oliver took lead and ordered the kibbe Nayye – lamb tartar with spiced cracked wheat, spring onions, fresh mint and basil (a really strange texture and was this raw lamb!!?) and the delicious Sawda Djej (sautéed chicken liver with garlic and pomegranate molasses). They also served Soujoc, a lebanese sausage and apparently you don’t find this stuff everywhere.

Yalla Yalla, LondonLunch time adventures at Yalla Yalla, LondonYalla Yalla, LondonThe food at Yalla Yalla is simple yet so tasty. And made a nice comfortable change of scene from the usual burger and fries stuff that seems to be everywhere these days in central London. Yalla Yalla’s a great place if you like ordering things to share – go with friends. A really cute little restaurant and great vibe – Missie Cindz

Yalla Yalla | 1 Green’s Court, London W1F 0HA

Missie Cindz

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