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The Tramshed (London)

31 July 2013

A couple weekends ago…I had a plate load of fried chicken like no other.

Chicken and chips, a combination of foods predominantly identified as the British classic was the order of the day at the Tramshed. Located in a former (interesting looking and rustic) shed for trams, the menu was simple – seasonal sharing starters, followed by free range chicken or steak. Featuring startling Damien Hirst artwork on walls and with a gallery downstairs – centre stage featured a formaldehyde‑encased cow and cock set (cleverly :) titled the “Cock and Bull” on a huge pedestal.

We enjoyed the chicken livers and Yorkshire pudding for starters, something different yet tasty. The Tramshed chicken arrived roasted and is definitely made for sharing – you could attempt to eat it yourself but I certainly chickened out! For dessert, the restaurant offered comforting old school favourites, like apple pie & custard, or raspberry ripple cheesecake but we were too full and happily opted for just a coffee.

The couple next to us when I went had the steak. It smelled great but looked quite fatty. Either way, you should go for the chicken because Tramshed is known for it. It was JUST posh chicken and chips, but then, who DOESN’T love chicken and chips?!

Needless to say, my belly seemed pretty happy — Missie Cindz :)

The Tramshed | 32 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3LX | twitter: @The_Tramshed

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{ Photos by Baz Chan }

Missie Cindz

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