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Take Good Notes on Everyday Life

13 May 2013

#Cindy365Notes Challenge page 130#Cindy365Notes Challenge page 132

Some everyday creative inspiration…

1st January was the beginning of a personal 365 handwritten notes challenge, and I called this my #Cindy365Notes, where every day I will write a page of notes in my Missie Cindz notebook, and actually put my written notes into ACTION! A big thank you to those who have been following my progress and for your encouraging words. It’s been amazing how a simple notebook has completely changed my way of approaching work, business and life – and I’m not even half way through the year (book) yet!

You can follow my progress here on Pinterest or via Instagram here under the tag #Cindy365Notes

Please feel free to share this post and my challenge with your friends if you like what I am doing – we all could do with some good notes of encouragement to get things done.

Finally, make YOUR STORY count, EVERYONE has a personal story to tell! Have a great new week…~ Cindz x

Missie Cindz

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