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Harry Brearley by Faunagraphic

09 May 2013

Wall mural of Harry Brearley, discoverer of stainless steel by Faunagraphic

Wall mural of Harry Brearley, discoverer of stainless steel by Sheffield's street artist, Faunagraphic

Attracting attention in Sheffield

Attracting attention in Sheffield


Raising Awareness through Sheffield Street Art

After a whole week of everyone tweeting about this. I had to see it myself  – local talented (amazing) street artist, Faunagraphic does it again with a mural of Sheffield-born and raised Harry Brearley, discoverer of stainless ‘rustless’ steel. Painted on the wall of the Howard Hotel close to the Sheffield train station, and you really do have to see the mural in real-life to truly appreciate the artwork and attention to detail.

One thing that always blows me away about Sheffield is the vast amount of street art that has been painted around. In the past few years, I’ve discovered to admire what street artists do ~ as creatives, artists and designers it’s important to communicate in a way that makes people think deeper, feel deeper. I’ve been a fan of Faunagraphic’s work for some time now, and what I like about her artwork is that it promotes a sense of place and an environment of longevity, growth, and spiritual well-being – I’m captured into her world of ‘ a better place‘ fusing wildlife and fine art in her work.

Via street art we can discover something new, I discovered that Harry Brearley was the founder of Stainless Steel (and I thought I knew a lot about Sheffield!).

Get inspired by more of Faunagraphic’s work here. Also, check out the amazing time-lapse video by Richard Bolam, who recorded the entire process of the Harry Brearley mural here.

{photos by Cindy Cheung as shared on Instagram}

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