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Win your own Missie Cindz Notebook

04 May 2013

WIN your own Missie Cindz Notebook

It’s never too late to build your future.
Write down your own future in a Missie Cindz book.

Writing isn’t magic and it isn’t some kind of innate talent that one either has or doesn’t — it’s motivational, endearing and inspirational. At least for me. A simple notebook has completely changed my way of approaching work, business and life this year ~ read my blog post: Good everyday notes worth eating via #cindy365notes.

On the 3rd of each month I’m going to send one budding, current, or retired writer their very own Missie Cindz Recipes, Snap or Ready notebook in which to start your own true tale of liquor, adventure, entrepreneurship and big shot ideas, and because that first blank page is always a bit intimidating I’m going to mark it up for you with a Missie Cindz note of ‘Do It‘. No excuses, get to writing.

Even Sir Richard Branson tells the importance of having a notebook “Anyone who aspires to lead a company must develop a habit of taking notes. I carry a notebook everywhere I go.” – source

How to enter
All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of my notebooks is to tell me, in 30 words or less, as a kid what did you want to be when you grow up
~ perhaps it’s something you still want to do now? I’ll select one winner at random on the 3rd of each month. You can send me your answer as a comment below or by tweeting me: @MissieCindz and the hashtag #MissieNotebookGiveaway. You can comment as many times as you want but it doesn’t affect your chances of winning, your name will be entered into the competition for the rest of the year.

The competition giveaway begins today 04/05/2013 and ends 03/05/2014 ~ Winner will be announced on the 3rd of each month and is open to international readers. I will cover all postage costs.

Feel free to spread the word. Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing a year of beautiful writings and doodles from you! ~ Missie Cindz

Notebook information: The notebooks are 52 page A5 sized 100% recycled books that are perfect for dropping in a handbag (or totebag), desk drawer or leaving in the car or beside the bed for when inspiration strikes in unusual places. On the inside front cover, there is a small tag to scribble your name. Printed in the UK on heavyweight recycled luxury paper and card. To see more of my notebooks visit my shop > here <

Recent updates

  • May 2013’s Notebook Giveaway winner was Jane Stammers (twitter: @TippleTails) ~ well done Jane! :)
  • June 2013’s Notebook Giveaway winner was Amy Farry (twitter: @AmyFarry) ~ well done Amy! :)
  • August 2013’s Notebook Giveaway winner TBA 3rd August 2013

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