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Missie Cindz gets ready to eat London

26 March 2013

Missie Cindz: Life's brighter when you eat local

Missie Cindz: Life’s brighter when you eat local


Look out London, there’s a new colourful girl in town – and I’m hungry!!

It’s important to keep each other and most importantly myself always hungry, to learn new things and embrace change. Today’s post is to let you all know how I will be gallivanting with my smiley fork and residing down in London next month.

Life’s all about discovering new things, tasting things you’re not sure about and finding out things you do/don’t like. So I am making it my aim when I get down there to check out the local food scene; making sure that the local food producers, artisan bakers, talented chefs and restaurants are doing things just as tastefully as I’ve experienced up in Sheffield, and I hope you will all continue following my epic and very exciting food adventures down there.

My personal food journey in Sheffield started in 2011 leading me to ‘Missie Cindz – the Food Enthusiast’. Where finding out and learning about food produced from Sheffield, hanging out with food producers and finding out more about what they did gave me the opportunity to meet a new group of people. I shared my new discoveries on this blog (almost everyday) to readers and supporters who liked what I found, and I gained a wealth of new valuable experiences which I will never forget; I called this my ‘Sheffield Food Adventure’.

By ‘fooding‘ around (which I encourage everyone to do) – I have managed to build up a huge collection of food-related ramblings and got myself a food column in Sheffield’s Toast magazine. I have curated exciting community food events such as PudInn (pudding) clubs in my local pub called Missie’s Pud Inn; and produced my own set of inspirational notebooks which epitomises the characteristics of Missie Cindz, and which lead to the awesome world-wide Travelling Notebooks Project (thank you Emma, @oh_gosh). This is just a small collection of experiences I have managed to gain from my awesome Sheffield Food Adventure, and for you to read about ALL OF THEM you’ll have to go back to my very first blog post in November 2010 – Do it!

Everything I have done so far with Missie Cindz demonstrates EPIC things can happen with good food and local people when you bring them together. Food is much more than just fuel for our body, it is emotional, familial, ethnic, social, and cultural. Food = Community.

Taking a leaf out of my notebook (page 71 of 365): Filling myself with goodness.

Taking a leaf out of my notebook (page 71 of 365): Filling myself with goodness.


Missie Cindz Eats to a Size London

I started 2013 keen to get out of my comfort zone. I have been living in Sheffield all my life, and that’s a very long time for someone who’s always hungry for satisfying and wholesome new experiences! I have gotten too comfortable, and if you’re part of the competitive creative community like I am, you really need to go out there to see, hear and taste new things.

London is definitely not a city where I’d go to relax but it’s a very interesting city. It’s a creatively vibrant city. Where they serve food from all around the world with an air of anticipation and thrill. People go there because of its art and culture, history, fashion, music and the huge food & drink scene but also because something might happen. Everyone’s very social and enthusiastic about their work.

You only get one life to write an awesome story, make mistakes and live through them. I’m keen to make sure that I explore different areas of the city so that I fill my plate with awesome London goodness. So do follow and keep reading the exciting content I endeavour to share with you all on here (watch this page!)…. Look out London; Missie Cindz is ready for a good feeding!

Eat to a Size Local – building healthier appetites

You can take the girl out of the (Sheffield) City but you can’t take the City (Sheffield) out of the girl – and that’s a fact! To everyone who knows me, I’m going to be proudly speaking in my Northern ‘Yaarkshire’ twang to all the Londoners, even if they might not understand me, I know for sure, I’ll do my best to make sure they love my enthusiasm for honest food! :)

Finally, I’d like to end this post by saying how I believe we should make it our aim to all become local food discoverers in our own town/city – building a brighter network of delicious friends, creating memories and new experiences! — Missie Cindz

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