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Around the World Pud Inn 2013 Menu

16 March 2013

Around the World Pud Inn 2013 Menu / 16th March

Around the World Pud Inn 2013 Menu / 16th March


Fill yourself up on local goodness from ‘Around the World’

To those who know me well and the way I like to will already be familiar of my Missie’s Pud Inn Clubs (aka hashtag on twitter: #MissiesPudInn). These are events I cook up to share with you the things I enjoy; puddings, building community and Sheffield. I can finally reveal the five puddings we’ll be serving to our lucky diners attending our PudInn Club TODAY. A massive thank you to all our talented and generous local Chefs, restaurants and bakers who all have been busy cooking up a world-themed pudding course menu.

Today’s menu will feature a trip to East Asia starting with one of my most favourite Cantonese desserts which I’d like diners to try (PudInn’s all about trying something new too :) with a smooth red bean dessert, then we’ll take a trip to Taiwan with LOL Bubble Tea, following a travel over to Russia with Cossack Cuisine, after a break (stopover) we will continue making our way to Yorkshire, United Kingdom greeted with Silversmith’s Creative Head Chef Lee Simon Mangles array of delights, ending with a final destination to Pakistan with Rutland Arms Chef Koko’s special homemade dessert (Rutland Arms Chef Mike will still be joining us for PudInn club and helping Koko to serve her course).

  • Course One: Red Bean Dessert – a popular Chinese sweet dessert soup made with red azuki beans. Made by myself (twitter: @MissieCindz)
  • Course Two: Taiwanese Mango Pudding made by LOL Bubble Tea, West One Plaza (twitter: @LOL_BubbleTea)
  • Course Three: Russian Fruit Celebration Gateaux – a fresh fruit celebration cake with fresh fruit mousse, white sponge,
    laced with liqueur, covered in a fresh cream meringue made by Cossack Cuisine (twitter: @CossackCuisine)
  • Course Four: Flavours of Yorkshire Rhubarb on a World Tour made by Silversmith’s Creative Chef, Lee Simon Mangles (twitter: @LeeSimonMangles / @Silversmiths)
  • Course Five: Gulab Jamun (popular Pakistan dessert) with Cardamom Ice Cream and Mango Coulis made by Rutland Arms Chef Koko (twitter: @sweetKomal / @RutlandArmsChef)

Be a sweet social buddy
Look out for our pudding pictures and live updates later in the afternoon – we also encourage diners to do lots of LIVE tweeting using the hashtag #MissiesPudInn and to share your photos online, I’ll be super busy dishing up courses so it would be great to check out your photos afterwards :) Make all your friends super jealous and want you to take them to the next Pud Inn Club!

Pudding competition
There will be also a Twitter Pud Inn Competition with the Rutland Arms for today’s event.
Tweet and share your love for puddings using the twitter hashtag #MissiesPudInn for a chance to WIN a complimentary hearty meal and drink at the Rutland Arms. The most enthusiastic Pud Inn tweeter will be chosen on Sunday and provided a good feeding as a thank you for their support.

Finally, thanks a bunch to all our Pud Inn participants for their desserts today and all the lovely online messages about Pud Inn Club from people who support what I love doing. PudInn’s going to rule! – a great way to brighten community and meet new people. I had no idea this would sell out so fast, and we are at max capacity! Thank you for the support.

A note to diners: do feel feel to bring tupperware as we don’t like to see delicious homemade goodness going to waist. Do make sure you try everything but if you do feel the waistband going, do stop and take some home for later.

See you at or just before 2pm today. Get yourself a drink at the bar then make your way upstairs! Thank you in advance for not being late – Missie Cindz :)

Missie Cindz

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