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Around the World Dream Pud Inn

15 March 2013

Missie's Pud Inn Club. Save the best for last and give in to sugary bliss.

Missie's Pud Inn Club. Save the best for last and give in to sugary bliss.


Puddings and desserts are definitely an irresistible treat for everyone around the world, whether it’s served hot or cold, in the form of a piece of fruit, syrup, hard or soft and sponge-like or crunchy – moderation is key, and the choices on offer are endless. Serve up, share and enjoy!

With my next Missie’s Pud Inn club being tomorrow, I thought I’d share with you my ‘Dream Around the World pudding menu‘ – if I could have any chef I could ever want around my dining table in my home, I wouldn’t hesitate to get these guys in….one day, I hope, I will get the opportunity to invite them to join us for Pud Inn Club. Dreams, do come true, right? #MakeItHappenCindz

  • Course One: Chocolate Pot de Creme made by Chef Gregoire Michaud (twitter: @gregoireMichaud, Hong Kong-based)
    I first stumbled across Gregoire’s Chocolate Pot de Creme on Instagram, a dessert literally made in 5 easy steps, you can find his recipe here and it involves one of my most favourite ingredients, chocolate. Looks rather too good to eat too!
  • Course Two: Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie made by French baker Valerie (twitter: @GamineCuisine, France)
    Valerie’s baking is incredibly gorgeous, and I wouldn’t hesitate in hoovering up any of the crumbs! but she also has a creative flair with the ingredients used. Valerie’s baked treats definitely ooze “lovely” and “subtle” – take a look at the sweet choices to choose from on her blog here. You can find her pie recipe here. Served with some ice cream. Sorted!
  • Course Three: Sticky Toffee Pudding made by the Rutland Arms Chef Mike (twitter: @moonlitpanda, United Kingdom/Sheffield)
    I first met and came across Chef Mike’s beautiful desserts when he kindly took part in my first ever Pud Inn Club back in September 2011 (how time flies!). The first course/time he woo’d me with was his version of the Sticky Toffee pud; a moist sticky treat that myself and other Pud Inn diners loved – it had a lovely natural toffee flavour too, and wasn’t too incredibly sweet or heavy-like.
  • Course Four: Classic Dutch Apple Pie made by Weekend Bakery (twitter: @weekendbakers, Holland/Amsterdam)
    A traditional, comforting dish where simplicity is the key to success – a slice of happiness or one for all the family. You can find their recipe here. I’m really curious to find out what the differences between the Dutch version to the ones I usually make at home or find in British bakeries. However, I am sure I could get used to their version quite easily too – looks great!
  • Course Five: Black Sesame flavoured ice cream made by Yee Kwan (twitter: @YeeKwanIceCream, Asian-inspired/UK)
    A melt-in-the-mouth dessert with the nutty taste of black sesame seeds, a favourite at Chinese and Japanese restaurants. The flavour of black sesame always conjures up those warm and comfortable childhood memories; the days when mum would make me and my brother fresh black sesame dessert for the family. Thanks Yee for taking me back to those scoops of comforting moments.
Brown sugar buttermilk pie by Valerie of Une Gamine dans la Cuisine

Brown sugar buttermilk pie by Valerie of Une Gamine dans la Cuisine. Photo courtesy of Valerie.

The Rutland's sticky toffee pudding made by Chef Mike

The Rutland's sticky toffee pudding made by Chef Mike


So there you have my dream ‘Around the World’ pudding course menu. I suppose this wouldn’t be impossible to achieve, I do have two out of the five producers/chefs not too far from me, and good things are indeed possible! Gregoire, Valerie and Weekend Bakers; come to the UK very soon, I smell a Missie’s Pud Inn club cooking up when you all do!

Tomorrow’s Pud Inn tickets/spoons have all been sold out but if you would like to put your name on our waiting list or to express your interest in future events then please join my colourful mailing list to be kept up to date with my tasteful food adventuring or alternatively follow me on twitter and facebook.

I’ll see all our enthusiastic Pud Inn diners tomorrow and am really looking forward to it! – Missie Cindz :)

Missie Cindz