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Together we can do so much

27 February 2013

Taken from #Cindy365Notes {page 57 of 365} – Let's work together...

Taken from #Cindy365Notes {page 57 of 365} – Let's work together...


Let’s work together…together we can do so much more!

From first hand experience; collaborative projects – the sharing of knowledge and bringing together of collaborative minds can enable people from all parts of the food and design industry to meet, learn, ask questions, share information, pitch ideas and be inspired by one another in a professional and self-motivating environment.

There is no doubt that the world of food and drink industry has changed dramatically in the last year or two – with shoppers wanting more British food in supermarkets (via @realfarming), everyone no longer being so hungry that they could eat a horse! – read Hold Your Horses written by Hisbe, through to us being taken back to basics with what we consume – buying locally, responsible sourcing and creating less waste – thus, reclaiming our value for real food.

There’s so many creative projects I would like to pursue as a Graphic Designer; I’m in a world full of new and deliciously inspiring people to meet, and my hungry fork/mouse are both certainly hungry to get their teeth into interesting design projects. I’ve learned it take two things to be a real independent design professional: money, and big ideas. And while I don’t have the money for entrepreneurship, I do have plenty of big ideas.

I’m passionate about what I do and truly understand the benefits good design can bring to my clients. Always aiming my experience in delivering exciting brand solutions and/or as a consultant offering design advice at the highest standards on time and to budget has resulted in many long-standing client relationships.

Are you a small food and drink start-up in need of branding-packaging-design advice? – let’s learn new skills, support one another in delivering our business/brand messages, let’s practise and repeat together. Afterall, they do say, two minds are better than one!

Let’s create some new experiences. If you are looking to commission a forthcoming project, or would like to speak to me about some freelance design, brand consultation, writing or blogging or to just share a really tasty recipe with me, then please get in touch. Email to

{Photos by Cindy Cheung from #Cindy365Notes Challenge. EVERYDAY has a new page with adventures to tell, things to learn and stories to remember}

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