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Variety is the spice of life

20 February 2013

A tasteful kebabs adventure at Durum Restaurant, Finchley London

A tasteful kebabs adventure at Durum Restaurant, Finchley London

Homemade hummus served with deliciously soft breads and wraps

Up close and personal with Baklava

They do say that variety is the spice of life, and London has so many fine restaurants; I could had chosen anything from any corner of the globe, and money was not an issue. But finally, after about 5 seconds of thinking. Yes. I chose a late night classic; meaty kebabs!

Many wouldn’t associate kebabs as being romantic. The idea of being taken out on a food date and gorging on kebabs – this guy must be shot right!? But hey, I’m a ‘classy and real’ Northern girl who’s come to learn that many kebab shops can be spotless and the ingredients are really fresh. You can get quality food from a good kebab shop.

Whenever I’m in London, Durum on Ballards Lane in Finchley (North London) has become one of my favourite hang outs for the ‘classic’ kebab. Where food is cooked fresh to order and as always, the portions are generous (so make sure you’re really hungry). You’ll find yourself in a relaxing, unpretentious environment surrounded by the delicious smell of the strips of barbecued chicken/meat and vegetables. I’ve seen the chefs use traditional Eastern methods and typical ingredients in authentic Turkish dishes serving from hot and cold starters, to moreish and adventurous kebabs cooked with satisfying flavours in mind. The service tends to be great too with courteous and attentive waiters.

We started out with hummus and flat bread and a plate of Kalamar (freshly fried squids). The consistency of the hummus was thick and creamy, the way good hummus should be. Sometimes, certain places have their hummus a bit gritty and grainy, it’s not good when it’s this way! The breads were served warm and soft, cut into nice chunky strips (the wraps were cut into triangles).

Durum’s Chicken Shish Kebab is enough to satisfy me when I’m hungry with meals all served with fresh salad, lemon, a grilled tomato and a hot pepper – and just look at the lovely fresh breads, and then there’s also the pickled chilli and cool garlic & yoghurt sauce too. The prices are ideal for the quality and the quantity. Double deliciousness.

Durum’s eat-in and takeaway meals are freshly made, inexpensive, and huge!

Pudding? – Baklava
If you ask nicely, Durum will finish off your meal with a free baklava and/or Turkish delight. I enjoyed getting up close and personal with Baklava. Wow, one small piece of sweetness made me weak at the knees – I felt transported somewhere else! I also ordered the Turkish coffee, of course.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with the ‘classy’ kebab food date; keeping it honest, real and tasty. If the food’s made well it can sometimes feel like a trip to Turkey in a meal time – so, now who said I wasn’t a classy lady!?

Missie Asks – what’s your favourite dessert to round off a romantic meal? Let me know by commenting below.

Durum Restaurant 119 Ballards Lane | Finchley | London N3 1LJ | T: 0208 346 8977

{Photos by Cindy Cheung as shared on Instagram}

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