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Cindy 365 Notes Challenge 2013

14 January 2013

Cindy 365 Notes Challenge 2013 #Cindy365Notes

Cindy 365 Notes Challenge 2013 #Cindy365Notes


I have always loved a good challenge; whether it’s a foodie one, breakfast challenge or design-related – a good challenge always whets my appetite!

I set myself challenges, personal and professional ones, and ones that I know I can’t reach yet because I know that by stretching to meet them, I can get further than I can ever expect. Through learning, perseverance and development I can aim to take things that I am skilled in and enjoy doing to improve on them in unexpected ways.

I have always wanted to make time to do more writing but with work and social commitments getting in the way (I know it shouldn’t be an excuse), to enjoy writing has been shoved down the bottom of my ‘to enjoy’ list. Believe it or not, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a journalist. To have my written articles published, seen and read and then to channel into the path of a successful writer! but then I found an immense interest in visual communications whilst studying Graphic Design in school therefore carving my path to design especially in graphical communications.

Have you been following my #Cindy365Notes Challenge? At the start of the year I made a pledge to ‘Enjoy more of the little things‘. Yes, eating and food discovering is also one of my most pleasurable pastimes but the simplicity of cooking up a good story via pen to paper and sharing it to others also gets me excited. I like to play the role of the narrator – the storyteller :)

#Cindy365Notes are daily CinDilicious pages worth sharing every day with you. Started 1st January (first day of the rest of my life) or according to a quote from Brad Paisley, first page in a 365 page book. I really like that one. I’ve made a commitment to journal my thoughts, food discoveries, hopes and aspirations and to do more of what my book states (does that make sense?). I like to look at the filled pages, where every word constructed into sentences and paragraphs are like a little movie. I hope you enjoy following and reading my notes.

Page 13 of 365 – Be the Best Version of  YOU

Yesterday’s page {Page 13 of 365} Be the Best Version of  YOU. I love these words and believe everyone should carry this page. I tweeted and asked some our industry’s talented designers and entrepreneurs on what were their tips for being the BEST you/we can be in our field? The level of response and feedback were amazing! – many thanks to you.

These tips were all great motivator points and I didn’t want them getting lost in my twitter feed so I’ve posted them below for sharing and referencing (I’m sure everyone will find these incredibly helpful like I do):

  • “Never give up; your BEST work is always just around the corner.” – Matt Kinsella (@MatthewKinsella)
  • “Do what you love, love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Jon Covey (@Jon_Covey)
  • “my top tip’s this” – Catillest Design
  •  “Keep learning, never think you know it all because you never will – be the worst player in the band.” – Creative Boom (@Creative_Boom)
  • “One of the top tips I received was this: “You don’t have to go looking for love when it is where you come from.” – Werner Erhard” – Peter Thomson (@PeterJThomson)
  • “Be truthful always (learning this one) and enjoy every moment” – Neil Maycock (@OptimiseSeo)
  • “Don’t let anyone drag you into their petty games.” – Conrad Frankowski (@MrFrankowski)
  •  “Enable other people to be who they want to be, & ‘pay it forward’.” – David Barrie (@DavidBarrie)
  • “Do what u need to do despite the noise [noise = feeling fearful, worrying about what others think, distraction]” – Alex Mathers (@MoonApe)
  • “Think it. dream it. believe it.” – Liam Swift (@LiamSwift87)
  • “No matter how good you are there will always be someone better. Don’t waste time worrying about this, just be the best you can.” – Conrad Frankowski (@MrFrankowski)
  • “Work hard. Focus. Work harder. Focus more” – Dale (@Dalem)

My BEST tip is, to be “passionate at what you do best. People will see it – your intentions will speak volumes!”.

It’s important to keep each other (and most importantly ourselves) motivated during times like these and especially creatives in this industry – to keep motivated and hungry are top priorities!

I hope you enjoy following and reading my 365 notebook – one thing’s for sure, it has 365 different pages in it! – Missie CinDz x

{photos by Cindy Cheung shared on Pinterest and Instagram}

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