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Christmas Pud Inn 2012 Menu

08 December 2012

Missie Cindz Christmas PudInn Menu; Saturday 8th December 2012

Missie Cindz Christmas PudInn Menu; Saturday 8th December 2012


Plates of festive happiness

To those who know me well and the way I food around, then you should know that my Missie’s Pud Inn (aka #MissiesPudInn) wouldn’t be Missie-licious enough if we didn’t involve Sheffield and the word food in the same sentence. I can finally reveal the five puddings we’ll be serving to the lucky diners attending our PudInn Club TODAY. Our five talented and generous Chefs and bakers have been busy cooking up a festive-themed pudding course menu – a big thank you to the Silversmith’s Creative Head Chef Lee Simon Mangles, my mum, Lin (who in my eyes is Pudding Queen!), PJ taste’s Head Chef Ian Martin, Honey Pie Tearoom and finally, the Rutland Arms ‘Pudding Panda’ Chef Mike.

  • Course One: Mulled Pear and Chocolate Tart served with Almond Scented Pannacotta made by Silversmith’s Creative Chef, Lee Simon Mangles (twitter: @LeeSimonMangles / @Silversmiths)
  • Course Two: ‘Snowy’ Taro Tapioca Pearl Pudding (a traditional creamy Chinese soup-based dessert) made by Missie Cindz mum, Lin
  • Course Three: The Christmas Tree made by Rutland Arms Head Chef Mike Smith (twitter: @MoonLitPanda)
  • Course Four: Granny Vera’s Christmas Trifle made by Honey Pie Tearoom on Chesterfield Road (twitter: @HoneyPieTearoom)
  • Course Five: Chocolate and Guinness Christmas Pudding with a Single Malt Buttermade by PJ taste’s Chef, Ian Martin (twitter: @chefy113)

Look out for our pudding pictures and live updates later in the afternoon – we also encourage diners to do lots of LIVE tweets and to share tasty pudding photos online – make all your friends super jealous and want you to take them to our next party! :)

Have you also read our Twitter Pud Inn Competition with the Rutland Arms for today? For details, see this blog post: Tis the Season to Give Puds for your chance to WIN a complimentary hearty meal and drink for your sweet tweetings!

Finally, a personal thank you for our PudInn participants who allow me to create special events and content like this for Missie Cindz’s Pud Inn – Missie Cindz :)

Can’t wait…..sweat pants ready!

Missie Cindz

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