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Missie Cindz, Toast Magazine

17 November 2012

Missie Cindz food column in Sheffield's Toast magazine – food worth sharing about!

Missie Cindz food column in Sheffield's Toast magazine – food worth sharing about!


Life’s One Tasty Food Adventure…

My alter ego is Cindy Cheung – a Creative Designer by day and hungry (Missie Cindz) food enthusiast and blogger at night. I enjoy writing and food because I work so hard that I don’t have time for a social life which means these two things helps me to ‘zone out’ – food helps to drive my inspiration!

I’m always inspired by trips to the food market, beauty in the simple things I stumble across and by people who do meaningful things. I am a regular contributor to Toast Magazine, a lifestyle and culture magazine covering everything from food, fashion and music, found in most independent shops in Sheffield city centre and it’s hard to believe that I have been writing for these guys for over 18 months! – just look at the colourful articles they’ve published for me. If you’re not in Sheffield and have missed out on my food articles, you can download all my food-inspired write-ups on my Scribd or Missie Cindz facebook page. Enjoy.

By writing about food and the things I like I’ve learned that you don’t have to be a fantastic writer – your narrative is just your own. To be honest, I’m not a professional writer but when you find a subject that you have real passion to talk about, you’ll find the structure and writing style comes naturally – and then writing can become rather addictive too! I know I do make typos and my grammer isn’t 100% but as long as you (the reader) understands what I am trying to get across and share with you then I’m happy. My writing style, tone of voice and added touches of Missie-ness to my graphics and photographs are all my own and that’s important to me.

Be yourself, have your own tone of voice and a reading style that readers will find easy to read.

Lately, I have never been so motivated and busy. There’s going to be a lot of changes, challenges and interesting things happening in the next couple of months (especially in 2013). I would like to tackle some larger projects which, in my efforts to update this site as frequently as possible and collaborating with talented food producers has meant me pushing aside of the other projects and things I’d like to experience as a Graphic Designer. It’s always been in my nature to be proactive and do things I can be proud of but I always feel compelled to add more and more and more to my plate (a personal quality adopted from my hard working parents).

My commitment in design projects means I won’t have time to blog as much as I would like. For the next couple of months, as I spend some extra time planning a few exciting projects, the blog might experience a bit of a quiet period, I’ve got some special Missie’s PudInn posts lined up though and I will pop in from time-to-time to say hello and will still be managing all blog updates myself.

I’ve always believed food as a metaphor for building relationships and creating new friendships. I have made some amazing foodie friends on twitter and have met many talented food producers who I have had the pleasure in collaborating with and been of support to. Everyone should go out and enjoy a food adventure of their own; discover your own food story and share them with your community. I know for sure, I would be interested in reading about it!

Have a great weekend all… – Cindy/Missie Cindz

{All graphics and photos by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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