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Not long til Party PudInn Club

19 September 2012

whoop whoop, our 5th Missie's Pud Inn fest will be this Saturday!

whoop whoop, our 5th Missie's Pud Inn fest will be this Saturday!


It’s PudInn weekend so let it all out…

If you didn’t know already this weekend will be my Missie Cindz’s seasonal Pud Inn Club at the Rutland Arms, and the event will mark our first year of Pud Inns (how time flies!) and to mark the occasion I have decided to host a celebratory ‘PARTY PUDDINGS’ themed afternoon. We literally cannot wait! – I’ve been eagerly counting down the days and am looking forward to seeing our sweet diners. I’m hoping to start your afternoon in style with a delicious five courses of handmade puddings lovingly by local bakers, chefs and Pud Inn diners.

As always, you’ll just have to wait until the day of our event to find out what’s on your sweet menu (this will be revealed on the blog from 9am); so not long now and I assure you it’s worth the wait! :) and like usual, we’ll have a PudInn quiz with delicious Cat Lane Bakery scones for our sweetest winners, plus you’ll be in good company; we have the Rutland Arms Chef Mike sitting in with us again – so if you have any baking or pudding questions, then he’s your man to ask!

WIN a FREE pub meal and drink at the Rutland for being our sweetest diner
To celebrate our fifth sweet pudding gathering, The Rutland Arms are generously giving a FREE tasty pub meal and drink (gift voucher) to their sweetest ever tweeter! To enter the contest to win be on Twitter this Saturday from 2pm (14.00 BST) to 4.30pm (16.30 BST) – simply mention in your Twitter update field the hashtag conversation: #MissiesPudInn

OR even easier, simply copy & paste this message: “I’m gutted I’ve missed #MissiesPudInn happening right now in #Sheffield but would like to scoff a Slutty Rutty Butty! Pls RT” into your Twitter update field, and click “send” (or more likely, hit the “retweet” button in a Twitter client like Tweet Deck). You can be creative and make us laugh with your tweets, take lots of pudding photos and share these with your followers (and make them super jealous about them missing out on PudInn) – just make sure you include #MissiesPudInn in your tweet.

The winner will be picked at random and announced by the Rutland Arms LIVE on Twitter (@rutlandarms) Sunday night from 8pm (20.00 BST). If you’re not a Sheffield resident, we will send you your food voucher to redeem whenever you decide to visit us (I’ll be in touch via email )…See you all very soon!

{Illustration and PudInn planing by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz