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Little hand written note just for YOU

19 August 2012

A little hand written note just for YOU

With a smart notebook, we can be the organised, successful, super tasty and busy person we’ve always wanted to be…

Missie Cindz Notebooks order forms are now available to download and fill in on my Scribd page.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my new books becoming your notebook ‘companion’ – I’d be really interested to know your favourite RECIPES, see your daily life SNAPS and I’ll sure be READY to read your daily musings – you can scan or photograph your page(s) along with a brief note and email these to me at:

Finally, a big thank you for all your lovely comments and feedback on my NEW notebooks – and the notebooks haven’t even launched yet. I also can’t believe how much love there has been for the ‘Travelling Notebooks‘ so far. We have people signed up to the project from all over England and the United States, from Scotland, Ireland, France, Jordan, the Czech Republic and now Australia.

So, here’s a little hand written note just for YOU (see photograph above)….

{ You can tell a lot from someones hand writing; and mine, I AM STILL TWELVE! } – Missie Cindz x

Missie Cindz