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The Burgerlicious Harley, Sheffield

06 July 2012

Trying out a new Sheffield hangout for dinner. Nice table cloths guys...

Trying out a new Sheffield hangout for dinner. Nice table cloths guys...


Craving a Burger & Fries?
The other day I had the urge for a wholesome meaty burger. A rare impulse as I’d call myself a frequent salad lover (yes, really), so I went turned to twitter on where we could go. If I’m craving a burger, usually I’ll go to a regular restaurant or make one myself. I don’t usually crave fast food and tend to get it only if I’m on limited time or on road-trips when we need to make a quick stop.

The Harley is a quirky/modern ‘indie’, independent bar on Glossop Road, next to the University of Sheffield. With comfy sofas, free WiFi and freshly made food on the premises served daily. The Harley by day has a perfectly chilled vibe. In the morning, I saw that they offer the Famous Hangover Breakfast with a gourmet option available – which helps to chase away last night’s excess I’m told.
The bar launched its brand new “Twisted Burger” menu in March (2012) and I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. You can’t deny that the Harley burgers aren’t jam packed with attitude. From their burger descriptions on their food menu, which I really must hi-five their copy writer for doing such an entertaining job (I couldn’t stop laughing whilst reading through the menu), for instance, The Elvis Burger (£7.50) is described as: You too can eat like The King, but please don’t die in our toilets. Beef, bacon, cheese, peanut butter and banana fritters – weird but it works, trust us, and if you can’t trust us, trust Elvis; through to their pricing structure (burgers range from only £6.50 – £7.50 being the most expensive!) are all heavily topped with a heavy dose of Harley attitude.
My course: Creamy Creamy Muck Muck burger

My course: Creamy Creamy Muck Muck burger

Krispy’s Dream, a burger that is breakfast meets lunch meets dessert!

Krispy’s Dream, a burger that is breakfast meets lunch meets dessert!


Alongside the jaw-dropping burgers range there is also a straight forward “B-I-Y, Build It Yourself” range, where you can choose a meat for your basic 5oz burger, and then add toppings and sides to build your perfect burger. Prices start at £3.25 for a basic beef or bean burger. My burger, named the Creamy Creamy Muck Muck, was comically monstrous – a seeded white bun stuffed with a mountain of homemade chicken strips, mozzarella sticks and breaded mushrooms bound together with blue cheese sauce and salsa (a veggie option is available), served with a cup load of skinny fries and side salad (I opted for the salad but there was a choice of four different sides to choose from).

I practically had to unhinge my jaw to take a bite, and as I gnawed at the pile of chicken, mushrooms and cheese, smearing my face with grease, the tangy salsa blending with crispy chicken and oozed out the back of the soft bun. It was a sloppy, delicious mess! – I eventually had to resort to the knife and fork to eat it.

yes, I really did have to take one deeeeeeeeeeep breath before eating....

yes, I really did have to take one deeeeeeeeeeep breath before eating....


My foodie-friend date of the evening (@jtang92) opted for the Krispy’s Dream burger – something which crosses with breakfast infused with lunch and dessert all on one plate! This was a pork burger with crispy bacon and deep-fried banana fritters with maple syrup served in glazed donut. No joke, instead of the normal bread bun you’d expect it was served on a doughnut ring! I found it all incredibly amusing and very charming.

Not only did all the crazy combinations of ingredients work, but it showed that you can improve and develop on a burger ‘classic’. I felt like I’d finally gotten what I’d hoped to find satisfy a burger crave: a burger truly worth craving.

The Harley is cheap, cheerful and served a purpose. It isn’t a chain and was solid and unique. I would recommend this place for young people on a budget who want to be within walking distance of some very good pubs and the city centre. They also makes an effort to host live music frequently as well as having DJ’s keeping people entertained at weekends.

If you do go in readers, please make sure you’re not on a summer diet! :)

View the full Harley’s Sheffield Food Menu

The Harley Sheffield
334 Glossop Road
S10 2HW

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