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Fruity Pud Inn no.3 Menu

03 March 2012

Missie Cindz Fruity Spring Pud Inn Menu for Saturday 3rd March 2012

Missie Cindz Fruity Spring Pud Inn Menu for Saturday 3rd March 2012


Sweet-toothed Sheffielders are in for several treats TODAY at the Rutland Arms.

We can finally reveal the five puddings we’ll be serving to the lucky 30 attendees at #MissiesPudInn from 3pm – 6pm TODAY. You can download our Missie Cindz Pud Inn Menu for your reference and safe-keeps. Please also tweet up and look out for our pudding photos and updates from our diners later on today – we’re hoping to see lots of LIVE tweets  and food pic sharing from pudding diners. Have you also read our Twitter Pud Inn Competition with the Rutland Arms for today? For details, see Thursday’s blog post: Rutland Arms Twitter Competition and you could WIN a FREE lunch and drink at their pub.

What is Missie’s Pudding Club?
For those who aren’t sure what our Missie Cindz Pud Inn gatherings are about, well, Pud Inn serves up diners a five-course pudding set menu, with a different pud theme for each event. Today’s theme is ‘Fruity’. Our clubs are seasonal events curated to bring back the wholesome ‘Pudding/dessert’. Yes, Pud Inn is naughty and it’s unhealthy but I think everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure once in a while…don’t you? I’m looking forward to seeing regular sweet faces and new ones today – plus I’ve thrown in a few other Missie-licious bright magic into the Pud Inn fest – afterall, it’s all for the love of the pud!

Today’s Sheffield Pudding Stars

  • Today’s Pud Inn features Sheffield’s Harland Cafe on John Street (thanks Steve and Sara) with Easter in mind, they’ve rustled us up an awesome ‘Easter Bread & Butter Pudding’ which is made with hot cross buns and fruit in a zesty orange custard – yum!
    The Harland Cafe is tucked away on John Street in Sheffield, between the hustle of London Road and the bustle of Bramall Lane.
  • Ian Martin – a head chef at PJ taste makes us a delicious home made rice pudding (mmm, good ol’ school stuff!) using Our Cow Molly cream and a Wakefield rhubarb compote. Ian will also be providing us some Sheffield Honey and home made rosehip syrup with hips picked from the end of the parkway near PJ taste at their Technology Center based Cafe, for extra sweetening if needs be.
  • Rutland Arms head-chef,Chef Mike will be cooking up an ‘It’s not what you think’ Apple Crumble and Custard – this is what Mike wanted us to call it and he’s informed me there’s a twist! – I’m dying to know the twist?
  • From diner’s feedback at our last event, we thought it would be a good idea to have a pudding refreshment break, Missie Cindz’s (Cindy) Mum – Lin, will be providing us an ‘Oriental Summer fruit salad’ – a bowlful of lychees, longans, fresh strawberries, blueberries and grapes swimming in a lychee and strawberry juice served with grass jelly cubes. Grass jelly is a really popular Chinese dessert, it’s not actually made from grass, but from Mesona chinensis, kinda like a herb similar to mint. The leaves and stalks are boiled down to extract the flavor and then the liquid is cooled to a jelly-like consistency. Despite the intense obsidian colour, grass jelly has a mild herbal taste – I love the stuff and it’ll be good for diners to try grass jelly too. Some of my friends have said the slightly bitter taste reminds them of tea. Go on diners, it’s good to try something new.
  • The simple layered trifle has always been one of my favourite fruit based puddings so I wanted to make diners a berri-licious home made trifle – using fresh strawberries from Castle Market and raspberries in a raspberry flavoured jelly, layer of creamy custard and creamy Dream Topping, sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles – lush!

Steve and Sara, Chef Mike and Chef Ian will all be joining us today for puddings. Diners? if you spot them whilst scoffing pudding, be sure to say a big thank you and let them know what you think of their pudding. A personal big thank you to all our pudding makers for today’s treats – without their help, today’s Pud Inn wouldn’t be possible.

How to book a spoon at our next Pud Inn at the Rutland Arms
There are only 25 places available at each pudding gathering event so to attend, you must book and purchase tickets early. Tickets can be purchased from the Rutland Arms bar, the event venue (Brown Street, Sheffield) or send Cindy Cheung, the event organiser an email to: I’m sorry to those who weren’t able to purchase tickets for today’s event but I’ll be planning our next one very soon – to keep updated with all our happenings sign up to my Missie Cindz monthly newsletter.

Look out for my Missie Cindz foodie T-shirts from my Take Away showcasing at Pud Inn – I hope to see you all sporting one of my shirts this summer? It’s all for the love of good food!

Sugar levels are going to spiked today I can just tell.

– Cindy/Missie :)

Missie Cindz

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