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A Take Away for T-shirt Food Lovers

26 February 2012

This summer we've ditched the DRESS - it's all about T-shirts!

This summer we've ditched the DRESS - it's all about T-shirts!


If you love food and you love T-shirts, you’ll LOVE what I’ve been cooked up in the Take Away…

Many of you who already read my blog and are familiar with what I get up to will know I have bucket loads of passion for good tasteful food. Food leads us all on an unique, fast, fun and exciting food adventure. Last year, my food-related ramblings, obsession for taking pictures of what I’ve eaten and blogging about all things tasteful in my home city, Sheffield, has turned out to be not only a hobby, but is now integrated in my daily routines and outings. The ‘nomming’ road trips across, Sheffield, has lead me to discover a growing quality of local suppliers, delicious eating venues, food producers and farmers.

Food has definitely managed to fuel a lot of our ‘Missie Cindz’ projects and collaborations, from Eating Sheffield Food for a Week where I managed to get over 10 different food producers involved in feeding me to a size Sheffield; through to the collaboration projects with Sheffield’s Localvore PJ taste in having my own tasteful ‘Vintage Preserves’ made using fresh home-grown plums grown in my garden (I’m making sure that the plums are well looked after this summer – and maybe apples too? Currently my apple tree is in need of pruning but, I’m smelling apple sauce on the cards too :). Food has also helped to fuel up the idea for my Sheffield Pudding Clubs, Pud Inn at The Rutland Arms – tickets for our third event on Saturday 3rd March, were sold out in one day (thank you for being so sweet!) and our final pudding menu has just been confirmed – you’re in for such a sweet treat – we can’t wait!

If I said I don’t get excited when I talk about food or at opportunities where I can display my experience and ability in the branding and design space for food companies and producers, then I would be fibbing! I’ve had a really enjoyable time meeting (and tweeting) new people with just as much food enthusiasm as me (to name a few: Our Cow Molly, Feast And GloryPeter at PJtaste, Meng He, Julianna Tang, Carol Ford, How it Should be and more…). You’ve all helped to widen my food palette (and foodie vocabulary, Peter?), plus broadening my experience in designing food brands – adding confidence to organising and putting on LIVE food-related events – it’s been a really good, colourful adventure!

T-shirts from our Take away just got a lot more interesting!

T-shirts from our Take away just got a lot more interesting!

T-shirts from our Take away just got a lot more interesting!

Missie Cindz Take Away
Today we’re letting you see our latest look books from the Take Away to give you a taste of what’s to come. Missie Cindz Take Away is my new food-fuelled clothing project where I (Cindy Cheung) design and distribute food-themed clothing and accessories. I’ve been working hard at bringing you the best tasting food-inspired T-shirts to satisfy all types of taste buds – I’m sure many of you sensed I was cooking up something due to the lack of tweets and blogging this month? – I think so :)… Well, the T-shirt Take Away will be my biggest challenge yet and the shirts are all about the food – made best for wearing ASAP!

Mark my word, the typical ‘Take Away’ will be getting a lot more interesting this summer! So, if you love food and you love T-shirts, you’re going to love what we’ve cooked up in the Take Away. Get a first look at our new Take Away and T-shirt, Tee Meal no.19, by having a browse through the brand new look book on our Facebook page shot by super talented photographer Callum Biggin, who also holds an impressive collection of tasteful T-shirts too.

T-shirts from our Take away just got a lot more interesting!

Food – The key ingredient to what we do
Missie Cindz products are all about the food. T-shirts are hand screen printed in Sheffield on heavy cotton shirts, featuring illustrated graphics of our favourite meals and food. It was important for me to find a local screen printer, it’s good to support your local neighbour – and I wasn’t disappointed with the service.

Finally, I’ve always said “Without a good meal, how can I/you possibly get through the day?”. Missie Cindz Take Away, like food, will be about bringing friends, families and communities together.

There’s still plenty to do and to plan – it’s going to be one tasty learning experience. T-shirts and products from the Missie Cindz Take Away will officially be served up in Sheffield in April/May, more details will follow soon. The Missie Cindz Take Away assortment will begin hitting select stockists shortly – keep an eye out for information on this Blog, Facebook and in my colourful newsletters (pinging in your inbox very soon).

What do you think of the “Missie Cindz Take Away” and Meal (T-shirt) No.19? Let us know in the comments!

Missie Cindz

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